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The world we live in is a very unlikely place. Why is that? Some claim that God is a delusion and that religious faith is the root of all evil. But a series of remarkable scientific discoveries show that the universe we live in is a very unlikely place, precisely adjusted to make our lives possible. This is the first of a six-part video series exploring how cosmic fine-tuning points towards the reality of a creator God.

God: The New Evidence series

  1. A Very Unlikely Place: Earth is precisely adjusted to meet the needs of humans
  2. Life on Razor’s Edge: The attributes that make the earth liveable are that precise.
  3. Just Lucky? Our existence could be more than a lucky coincidence
  4. Right For Us: The only kind of universe that could sustain us is one that is fine-tuned for life.
  5. God or the Multiverse: Was our finely-tuned universe specifically designed for us?
  6. A Deeper Story: Many scientists agree we’re not here by chance. Does it point to the reality of a creator God?

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What proof do we have for the existence of God?

7 Responses to “The Universe: A Very Unlikely Place”

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi B, the best place to get copies of this is from the producers’ website They will be able to help you get copies that you can use to show other people.

  • B says:

    How do I download this so I can play it to others when there is no internet access? (like in 99% of the world not hooked up to lan cables? today’s mobile society etc) winka winka.

  • rahul says:

    Hey i rahul from india.I want join with u.

  • Brenda says:

    I always enjoy it when something in the secular world points to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, although I agree with Tino, that I do not need any scientific proof; I agree with Romans 10:17: “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” [NIV] However, I do trust that these scientists will use an accurate method of scientific study in order to come to their findings; otherwise, they could not truly call themselves either scientists or reputable, and their positions in such reputable institutions will not hold long. Rob, although I appreciate that we come from different points of view, I cannot help but question if these gentlemen’s opinions have been tossed out before their studies are completed because some of them have “Reverend” before their names, and also because they profess a belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Rob, why should their work be any less valuable than a non-believing scientist’s work? Could we not say that he or she may slew the results to the side of the universe being put together by chance, or by any other theory other than one that points to Almighty God? If we cannot take for granted that a scientist is able to put aside his or her personal beliefs in order to do untainted blind scientific studies, then all scientific research is in vain. I choose to believe in the integrity of the majority. Thank you for your comments, Rob and Tino, and may God bless you both.

  • Rob Wreglesworth says:

    This is the most one sided video I have ever seen “Reverend” Professor Wilkinson, a man from Cambridge who admits “religion has always been central to his life,” and then another vicar… do you really think these so called “scientists” will give a balanced argument ever? Just because they attended a good university and now teach at one does not make them automatically correct. I am not saying I completely disregard their opinions because I like to look at all sides of the argument. However I can’t help but feel this is another case of over-religious individuals grasping at straws as more and more scientists and young people turn their backs on religion and make up their own minds what to believe.

  • Tino says:

    I dont need any scientific evidence to show me or prove to me the existence of God. My Catholice faith and practice and daily experiences do show me on a consistent basis the true and real existence of God in my life and the life of others. Abba Father thank you for being present in my life every moment of the day and showing me very vividly your presence. I dont believe I could exist without your divence presence and intervention in my life and protecting me from the snares of the enemy. Thank you Jesus, thank you Father for being present in my life. I adore you and praise and glorify your name. Amen.

  • Thanks for this thoughtful video clip.

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