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Forgiveness. It’s a word that can bring to mind comfort or anxiety (or both) depending which side of the forgiving you’re on. When life throws you unexpected obstacles and you take a wrong turn, the desire to be forgiven is natural and appropriate.

The guilt that a person naturally (and, usually, rightly) feels when they do something wrong is relieved through forgiveness. As philosopher Gregory Koukl says, “We don’t get rid of guilt through denial . We get rid of guilt through forgiveness.”

Do you ever struggle with forgiveness, for yourself or for others? If so, you’re welcome to contact us to talk.

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2 Responses to “Rain”

  • ayeo says:

    It’s so true that we just need a listening ear from someone who is closest to us. Few people listened through, they only like to advice. A listening ear can heal and is an expression of true love, an act of service, a quality time and affirmation that what we are saying is something important. A listening ear is a soothing touch too?

  • Shelley Anderson says:

    I wish I could have helped that young lady and I would have gone a gotten her, as she was asking for help.
    I pray for all young ladies who are in this predictament to make that wrong number and pray that someone would help you.
    In Jesus Name amen

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