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When Christ called his followers, he did not say it will be a easy journey. But He promised that it would be worth it. Faced with the same diagnosis that his father died from, Bob Kuhn felt firsthand what Jesus meant when He said “Take up your cross, and follow Me”. Instead of cowering in fear, dreading the inevitable, Bob found strength in his weakness and vulnerability. For Bob, being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease was a life sentence: a life sentence he gladly serves — a life that is set apart and purposeful. This radical change is his life has enabled him to draw closer to Christ, and to find a platform to express his faith.

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  • Mel says:

    Thanks for your video. I have heard the verse used by so many yet you are such an example of choosing joy. I appreciate that what you shared and how it makes me/others to pause and realize our “weakness” whatever form it comes in, is the real opportunity for Christ to shine through.

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