Thirst: What Are You Thirsting For? Video provided by: Micah J. Murray

Many people thirst for meaning in life. Do you strive for popularity and acceptance? Are you longing to belong? We’re often reminded of what we lack when we search for our self-worth in others. A thirst for love and intimacy is often behind that search. Trying to satisfy our thirst can be difficult. Striving for perfection in relationships can be a constant struggle. That unquenchable thirst seems like it will always be a part of us. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Discover how God can meet your deepest cravings.
What do you most desire? What would you give in exchange for the satisfaction of that longing?
Are you struggling to feel loved or belong? We are here to listen.

One Response to “Thirst: What Are You Thirsting For?”

  • Esther Esther says:

    We all have a thirst of some kind. We all have a passion of some sort. We struggle continuously for what we may not be able to achieve on our own. In the book of John 4, we learn of the woman at the well. She was challenged by Jesus about the water that He would be able to give her in order to quench her thirst forever. She longed for the kind of water that she would never ever experience thirst again.

    I thirst for holiness, purity, Godliness, just like the woman at the well, I thirst for that which once I get, I shall thirst no more – I thirst for Godliness.

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