Shooting for Gold – Dorothy Ludwig

The last thing you would think a father would do to his young daughter is hand her a gun. But, if your dad was three-time Olympian Bill Hare, being handed an air pistol would be an ever-momentous occasion. Power to Change’s own Dorothy Ludwig recounts early memories of training with her father and her little sister and learning the ways of air pistol shooting. Fast forward a few decades, and Dorothy is days away from competing in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London — a dream she held so dear now finally coming to fruition. Proudly donning Canada’s emblem, Dorothy will stand in front of millions of spectators the world over as she zooms in on her target, keeping her eyes focused on the prize. With the love and support of her amazing family, Dorothy shares how her target is not necessarily always on the bull’s eye; rather, it is about finding God in between the crucial breaths before she pulls the trigger.

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