Jump Start

life_jumpJumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular (heart/lung) workout. It’s comparable to jogging. There’s less impact and it’s easier on the joints than running, because you’re only jumping a few inches off the ground.

Rope jumping improves your co-ordination, speed and agility – which can improve performance in other sports. You’ll be working several muscles in the legs, shoulders, chest and forearms and you’ll burn lots of calories (about 12 calories per minute for a 150-lb person who jumps 120 times in a minute). Skipping is also a handy alternative when the weather drives you indoors. Ropes are inexpensive and easy to pack when you travel.

Any type of skipping rope is suitable, but the length of the rope should be right for your height. Stand on the centre of the rope, and lift the handles upward. The handles should reach your armpits at the point where the handles meet the rope. Wear shoes with good shock absorbency, or jump on softer surfaces. Concrete is too hard, especially if your shoes lack support. Cross trainers or aerobic shoes are the most suitable for rope jumping.

If you’re new to rope jumping, start slowly – even if you’re quite fit. Jump for a minute or two, then rest and stretch your calves. Sixty to seventy turns per minute is a good starting pace. For a more intense workout, you can raise your knees high as you jump. However, you’ll still get a good workout jumping only an inch or two from ground. Land with your knees bent and allow your entire foot to absorb the impact. Avoid landing just on your toes. You can choose to jump with both feet together, or alternate from one foot to the other. Stay upright – don’t bend forward at the waist. Your elbows remain at your sides and the rope should be turned with the wrists and forearms, not your shoulders.

Rope jumping can increase your heart rate quite quickly. For those less fit, slow down if you lose your breath. Jump for shorter periods and alternate with marching on the spot, or pace briskly back and forth. Eventually your fitness level will improve and you’ll be able to jump for longer periods.

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  • snookerly says:

    I try jumping every once in a while to keep my body fit. I find it more enjoyable when my kids join in and we jump together as they like it too. It gets boring when they go back to school but I will get my wife to join me now. Keep sharing such informative posts

  • Carole says:

    Take care of your body and do body and age appropriate exercises. You will be glad you did!

  • Kevin Talbot says:

    Jumping Is a excellent exercise to good fitness. It is a cardiovascular (heart/lung) workout. Here are a lot of instrument and sports tool for jumping you can choose from. For example, Jumping rope, Jumping stilts, kangoo jump shoes, Kangaroo shoes, Rebounding shoes, Kangoo Boots etc.

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