Add Shine to Your Hair Without Weighing it Down

Add Shine to Your Hair Without Weighing it DownDid you know that the best product you can buy to add shine to your hair is a decent hairbrush?

Brushes made of natural bristles placed on a cushioned bed are recommended. Natural bristles have tiny, over lapping layers or scales which clean and add luster to the hair. The cushioned bed allows the brush to conform to the shape of your scalp so you’re not pulling out hair while you brush. To get the most out of your hairbrush:

  1. Never brush wet hair. Wet hair stretches more easily than dry hair. The stress of brushing can actually do more damage than good. Most experts recommend brushing your hair at least eight hours after you shampoo so that the natural oil has had a chance to accumulate.
  2. Brush in long strokes from the scalp down to the ends in one motion. Sebum, the natural oil produced in hair follicles, protects and moisturizes hair. Brushing roots to ends distributes the oil evenly. This is especially important if you have long hair — without brushing the oil might never get all the way to the ends where it’s needed the most.
  3. Comb out tangles first. If you use a lot of styling products in your hair you may find it’s easier to use a comb first to get the tangles out and then brush. Brushing also helps remove the dust, dirt and hair spray build up that make hair appear dull and can even hide the natural color of your hair.

If you have curly hair, brushing may not be a good solution for you. Talk to your hairstylist about options for keeping curly hair healthy and shiny.

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