God Removed My “Damaged Goods” Sticker

Written by Tiffany Dawn

price-tag“Sometimes I feel like you’re worthless!” said the voice on the phone.

“Well then,” I replied.  “I suppose we shouldn’t be together.” I hung up.

After months of trying to end things, of breaking up with him repeatedly, I finally had the courage to let my boyfriend go once and for all. In the aftermath of that final phone call I had no tears left to cry. I simply closed my eyes and prayed for the strength not to run back to him, to let this be the end.

I lived the next few months and years of my life in a nightmarish haze. His words echoed in my mind. I thought about all the times he told me it was hard to fall in love with me because his ex-girlfriend was so much prettier than me. I remembered how he counted the pounds I lost and checked out other girls while on our dates. I was left drowning in disordered eating, looking to guys for my worth, and constantly feeling like a failure.


Worthless. I felt like someone had put a price on me – a price far cheaper than what I used to believe I was worth.

Have you ever felt like the price tag someone gave you determined your worth? Have you felt like you never measured up, or weren’t quite good enough? I’ve often felt that way. I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, popular enough, smart enough, or worth dating enough…I guess, quite simply, I just wasn’t enough.

When I read Matthew 27:9 today, it jumped out at me. “Then what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet was fulfilled: “They took the thirty silver coins, the price set on him by the people of Israel.” I’ve read it a hundred times, but suddenly thought, “Thirty silver coins for the King of the universe? For the Son of God?”

All those times when I felt like I had a “Discount: damaged” clearance tag on me, I had not realized that my Savior was given the same tag. But the price tag didn’t stay on Him. He didn’t wear it for years like I did. He knew who He was.

One day as I was moping around my parents’ house, a few months after breaking up with that boyfriend, my dad came over, took me in his arms, and said, “Tiffany, I don’t love you because you’re good enough; I love you because you’re my daughter.”


My haze dispersed as I realized God was saying the same thing to me: “Tiffany, I don’t love you because you’re good enough. All your best deeds are like filthy rags to Me. You can’t ever earn My love, but I still love you right now, right where you are. You are priceless to Me. I gave everything – the life of my Son – to draw you near to Me. You have worth because I give you worth. If you’ll let Me, I’ll replace your clearance price tag with a ‘bought’ tag.

God took me on a journey. Slowly He scraped all the remnants of that clearance sticker right off of me.  I discovered that I couldn’t know who I was until I knew Whose I was. He bought me with a high price. I was His. Being His daughter gave me a new identity.

I don’t feel worthless anymore. I don’t feel like I’m not enough. In fact, instead of focusing on me, I focus on the One who bought me with His life. The less I focus on me and the more I look to Him, the more my insecurities disappear.

Realizing that I am bought with a price taught me that I am no longer my own. I am His. When I live to please and glorify Him, instead of living to prove myself to others, all my insecurities fade into the background and true confidence erupts.

I am so thankful for a High Priest (Jesus) who can understand our struggles, because He experienced them when He came to earth to pay the ultimate price for our ransom. (Hebrews 4:15) He understands what I experienced, because He had a price tag put on Him too.  But He didn’t wear it. He knew who He was. So do I, because I know Whose I am. My Savior bought me with His life.

How do you see yourself?

See yourself the way God sees you
Restore your sense of self
Take a lesson: How do you define yourself?

13 Responses to “God Removed My “Damaged Goods” Sticker”

  • Sharon says:

    to angela– i am glad you broke free from an abusive relationship, good for you. you are beautiful, and you are worthy, i was there hit rock bottom on my self esteem, you can make good decisons you left this abusive relationship, trust your instincts, prayer–father God i pray for angela right now help her to make good decisons with your help i pray that through this that she will come to you in a closer relationship i pray for her emotional healing that she is worthy and beautiful and you love her with an everlasting love i pray that she will feel your loving arms around her at this time i pray also show her on where to go from here direct he path and i pray for christians to come along her path to encourage her at this time i pray all of this in JESUS name amen i anm praying for you love sharon

  • angela says:

    It took me a long time to finally be able to break free from an emotionally abusive relationship.

    You are too skinny, your glasses make you look old, you don’t know how to do anything right, you start to have wrinkles, you need bigger breast and bottom, nobody will look at you twice…… that’s what I have been hearing from my ex boyfriend during our relationship.

    I am finally free. I got that “bad infected leg riddled with gangrene” amputated, so to speak, because realized that that leg was no good and toxic for me. But now I feel crippled. My self esteem hit rock bottom. I don’t know who I am anymore and I doubt my self and my own choices. I don’t know where do I go from here? Any godly insight for me?

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God
    Lord I lift up my friends to You at this time in there lives that You will help them in this situation that they are going through, that they will feel Your comfort. In Jesus Mighty name Amen

  • JCL says:

    Grace is all we have to live for right now , Go on youtube and watch the full version of the 4 blood moons by Pastor Hagee , God may have let these things happen to you so you would not be unequally yoked to someone who serves the devil instead of serving God

  • Tiffany Dawn Tiffany Dawn says:

    Ah, Belinda, thank you so much for sharing this! I loved hearing a piece of your story and how God is working in you! :) ~Tiffany

  • Belinda says:

    Wow, I really cant believe what this!! Ever since last week, every time
    I would read a devotional from this website I find the message talking
    to me and what I have been going through. recently I let go of 2 guys who
    had a hold on me.. And this past weekend God spoke to me, I actually felt He
    just to the blindfolds of my eyes. I started asking myself why I had to allow
    that.. I felt worthless and I thought they loved me. I needed attention.

    Thank you for your scope, it encourages keeps us strong.

  • Tiffany Dawn Tiffany Dawn says:

    Lesandra, thank you for sharing your story! Wow, that is so much to walk through. And you absolutely are worth so much to your heavenly Father – priceless! Praying for you. One thing that continually encourages me is remembering that I don’t walk alone; that He is right beside me – and your heavenly Father is right beside you too! :)

  • Sharon says:

    to lesandra– prayer–father God i do pray for continued strenght for her and bring other christians along her path to encourage her continue to be with her at this time God keep reminding her that she is precious in your sight and that she does mater you love her with an everlasting love, i pray continued healing too from her depression and that you have good things for her i pray all of this in JESUS name amen i am praying for you

  • Lesandra says:

    Tiffany thank u so MUCH for sharing this with others. You helped me out of a dark place tonight !!! Ive been suffering from depression n the feelings of worthlessness for yrs due to abusive relationships. U have reminded me that I am worth something to my heavenly father n what others think of me doesnt matter bc God views me differently. Pls continue to pray my strength in the Lord..

  • Tiffany Dawn Tiffany Dawn says:

    Ah, agreed Jo. It’s so hard to do, and yet so freeing! So glad you enjoyed the article :) God bless you on your journey ever closer to Him!

  • Jo says:

    I love this though its such hard work – Realizing that I am bought with a price taught me that I am no longer my own. I am His. When I live to please and glorify Him, instead of living to prove myself to others, all my insecurities fade into the background and true confidence erupts.


  • Tiffany Dawn Tiffany Dawn says:

    Oh I am so glad to hear this blessed you, Nichole! Thank you for sharing! It is amazing how much our Father delights in us. Not in what we do or how good we are, but in US as His daughters. Keep pressing closer to Him, and thank you for sharing this! :)

  • Nichole says:

    Thank you so much for this. I was just crying and asking the Lord to make me feel like enough and to tell me HOW I can be enough so he will love me more. I can’t tell you how much reading this has helped me. God bless you!

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