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    Choosing Your Major Resource Guide

    How to choose your major - A step by step guide on making that daunting decision. Major choices - The major you start with isn't set in stone. Here's how one student's choice of changing her original major affected her life. Senior Students' Advice - More words of wisdom from students who have gone before you... Ben (fine arts) Dana... >Full Story

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    Art Gallery Etiquette: Art Appreciation How to for Students

    For many college and university students, the opportunity to go someplace to appreciate some of the finest work by this world's finest artists is an absolute joy. For others, however it is a perplexing and unrewarding experience. Here are some common questions answered in order to provide some perspective on what makes going to the gallery so...... >Read More

    Study Skills: text book reading comprehension tips

    adapted from Steve Douglass Class is out and the weekly lecture is over, but the work has just begun. Consider the following tips when it's time to hit the books and study what's in your lecture notes and textbooks. Understand how you learn Understanding and using your learning strengths and adjusting the settings in your study environment...... >Read More

    Everything I know I learned in med school

    Advice from Dr. J. Schmiley, M.D. Pre-med ISN'T prestigious. Sleep ISN'T necessary for life. Doctors AREN'T filthy rich. Debt ISN'T avoidable. This WON'T hurt me and it WILL hurt you. E.R. ISN'T QUITE realistic. Sleep IS optional. Pagers ARE evil. O.R. greens ARE fashionable. Clean underwear IS important when you're...... >Read More

    Cheating in School and Life: What to Do?

    Cheating is up these days. Just ask the nation's merchants, says The Wall Street Journal. Consumers shoplift everything from jellybeans to gasoline. They sneak into entertainment venues, run tollbooths and seek unwarranted refunds. The Journal cites a litany of examples. One Los Angeles TV network employee buys coach airline tickets then occupies...... >Read More

    Canadian Universities and Colleges List for Students

    Alberta |British Columbia |Manitoba |New Brunswick |Newfoundland |Northwest Territories |Nova Scotia |Nunavut |Ontario |Prince Edward Island |Quebec |Saskatchewan |Yukon Alberta Alberta College of Art and Design Athabasca University Augustana University College Canadian University College Concordia University College of Alberta DeVry...... >Read More

    List of American Universities and Colleges

    A |B |C |D |E |F |G |H |I |J |K |L |M | N |O |P |Q |R |S |T |U |V |W |X |Y |Z - - Abilene Christian University Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Academy of Art College Academy of the New Church College Adams State College Adelphi University Adrian College Agnes Scott College AIB College of Business Air Force Institute...... >Read More


      Here is the academics index page.... >Read More

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