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    Choosing your Major in College and University

    When it feels like you can't even decide what to have for dinner or what to do on Friday night, choosing a major may be a little daunting. With some research and planning, you can make an informed decision based on facts, personal experience and a knowledge of what best suits you. 1. Assess your interests and skills. A good way to start is... >Full Story

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    College Life: Meet People and Make New Friends

    You just moved into your college dorm, unpacked that spanking new comforter, and bid your parents goodbye. But after you admire the stack of new textbooks and school supplies on your desk, the excitement wears off and you realize that you have just left behind everyone you know. Your best friend from high school, your ex-boyfriend, the girl who...... >Read More

    Job Search Tips: Introduction - Typical Interview Questions (and the Answers!)

    Intro | Q1: You | Q2: Company | Q3: Interviewer I used to think the goal of a job interview was to impress the employer into hiring me. I later discovered the novel idea that interviews are two way interactions and that part of it should involve the employer impressing me too! An interview is... >Read More

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