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    Malia's Story: Small Town Struggles

    Malia's Spiritual Journey: >I used to think that God and Jesus were just figures that were up in heaven watching us. They weren't really a part of my life except for when I needed them. I was in control of my life; I relied on myself to change and make things in my life better. I always thought there was something I could be doing to change the... >Full Story

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    Healing from Abuse and Inadequacy

    Sherry's Spiritual Journey: >Spirituality is the core of who we are. In the formative years (teenage and especially university years), we make crucial decisions that affect the rest of our lives. For myself, I've learned to go for truth... to build my life on something that will not crumble in 30 years. Before I discovered that foundation...... >Read More

    Tyrone's Spiritual Revelations

    My Spiritual Journey: The most important things in my life were music and books, both of which helped me avoid interacting with real people. I didn't acknowledge God in any way, and through pride and ignorance I explored my own inadequate justification of existence through meditation. The 'Gospel' is 'good news' which means we are freed from...... >Read More

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