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    Study Skills for College and University Tests and Exams

    from UWO Student Development Centre's Learning Skills Services Prepare for Class: Read the recommended text pages. Some students like to do a fairly quick reading before class, and then after class they make their study notes from the text. Other students will read and make notes before they go to class. Try both options to see which works... >Full Story

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    College Life: Do's and Don'ts in the Dorm Zoo

    Living in the dorms is an experience you'll never forget - although sometimes you may wish you could! Here are some things you definitely want to make sure you do, and some you seriously don't! Do... use Superman/Minnie Mouse sheets. personalize your space. close the blinds at night (unless you're on the 27th floor). use your closet. keep...... >Read More

    How to choose where to study (college or university)

    You may not realize what an incredible impact the school you choose will have on your life. Perhaps you do not realize it, but you can change your mind. So here a few things that I learned during my time at Queen's University that you may find helpful to keep in mind when deciding on a school. Just because your significant other... >Read More

    What Do You Believe? Why?

    Welcome to college. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you this is going to be a major year in your life. You're finally on your own. The decisions you make now will help shape your future. One of those decisions you're going to make will be forming your own belief system. Maybe you've come to college knowing what you... >Read More

    Time Management Tips for College & University Students

    Whether you were an efficient worker or practicing procrastinator in high school, good time management is a key element to a successful college career. Even if you were efficient in high school, college can be overwhelming - there seems to be so much extra time! Since most classes don't meet on a daily basis, it's easy to think your...... >Read More

    Starving Student: Spend Less on Groceries

    Are you a "starving student living in rez? Check out Life in Residence on Facebook and see other students have to say about campus living. Even on your student budget, you know a chunk of your budget will be spent on groceries. No secret in that! Here's what you can do about it to make it cheaper: 1. Sound meal planning.... >Read More

    A Real Look at Pornography: Part 3

    Is There Any Freedom? Pornography entraps you with lies. In contrast, God can lead us into truth. Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."{1} Those who heard Jesus say this were offended and countered, "We have never been slaves of anyone, how... >Read More

    Thanksgiving Thoughts: Practicing Gratitude

    Have you ever thought of yourself as a poor or starving student? In our student days it is perhaps easier to remember our lack of money or things. It is easy to take a look around and be disappointed. As a student, the "lack of" in our lives can make it easier to want things even more, especially when we live... >Read More

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