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    Long Distance Love

    It can be very frustrating to be away from your loved one for a long period of time. Not being next to your partner can be very draining emotionally when you need a hug, kiss or even a pat on the back and they cannot give it to you.  Those little affirmations are important. Trips back and forth can prove very costly and sometimes, traveling is not... >Full Story

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    Student Profile: Stefanie

    choosing my major | university life | Stefanie facts | advice | Stef's spirituality Life as a Communication Student: >I decided to major in Communication only in my second year after realizing that I wasn't enjoying the Visual Art program. >The best thing about being a student in Communication is that most of the material is interesting....... >Read More

    College Relationships: Roommate tips for dorm life

    The scene: Boxes are scattered all over the floor, contents spilling out. The closet is packed with clothes, and the rest are hanging on the bathroom shower rod. Stereos, televisions, CD storage boxes and computers crowd desktops, dressers and even the beds. A futon blocks open the door, also piled with boxes and clothes. Four college freshmen...... >Read More

    10 Tips to Effective & Active Listening Skills

    Do you feel unheard? We're here to listen. Talk with a free and confidential mentor. Listening makes our loved ones feel worthy, appreciated, interesting, and respected. Ordinary conversations emerge on a deeper level, as do our relationships. When we listen, we foster the skill in others by acting as a model for positive and effective communication. Further...... >Read More

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