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    Memoirs of Midterm Madness

    Is it already mid-term time yet? It's always surprising, and a little alarming, how fast that fun little week sneaks up on you. One day you're trying to memorize your new class schedule, and the next you're writing an essay test on a subject you were entirely ignorant of just a few weeks ago. And you're not so sure much has changed in that department. In... >Full Story

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    University and College Exam Survival Tips

    Preparation Go to class! Stay awake in class. Do whatever it takes - pinch yourself, chew gum, sit at the front of the classroom. Take notes in class. How detailed the notes should be depends on the class and teacher. At least write down the key ideas. Plan ahead. Know when you have time to study, and use that time. Don't study hungry....... >Read More

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