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    Student Profile: Stuff About Amy

    my major | college life | who I am | my spirituality Choosing my area of study: >I kept changing my major back and forth. I loved biology in high school so I wanted to be a doctor. Then I switched to biochemistry, but I couldn't handle the chemistry, so I went back to biology. It can be tough being in biology because you're in it with... >Full Story

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    Student Profile: Stuff about Celeste

    s my major | advice to students | who I am | spirituality Choosing my area of study: >I chose psychology and enjoyed it because it studies very interesting subject matter. >Psychology is a lot of work (esp. the honours thesis. It was crazy.) You have to read a lot. >If you do an honours thesis, pick... >Read More

    Student Profile: Chris

    university life | random facts | digging deeper | finding true success The Good and Bad of University Life: >The friends I made are definitely what was worthwhile and enjoyable about university. >Least favourable thing about university: my 8am classes. >The freedom that I had in first year of university was a challenging adjustment....... >Read More

    Student Profile: Jackie

    my major | advice | who I am | campus life | loving people | spirituality I love stories: >I'm someone who has always loved stories. My grandma fed my imagination when I was little by telling me fairy tales and filipino folk stories about monkeys, turtles and coconut shells! >Working on the high school yearbook combined my love...... >Read More

    Student Profile: Christina Talks About Life

    life lessons | laughing and loving | family | heartbreak | spirituality Learning about life in university: >University brings the challenge to live out of my comfort zone -- everything is unfamiliar because my parents have for so many years set the guidelines I live by. And suddenly I have to learn everything... >Read More

    Student Profile: Tyrone

    up close and personal |  university life |  strange facts about Tyrone | spirituality Up Close and Personal: Being in the process of still completing university, I am always learning new things from the people around me. To not worry about what other people are thinking of you is to truly 'be yourself.' I believe...... >Read More

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