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    Wing's Thoughts on Life and Spirituality

    about Wing | thoughts on spirituality Who I am: >To me, just being myself means being able to trust someone. When I'm with people I can trust, I can debate all kinds of questions, joke about life, or try funny accents! >I began thinking about my life purpose during Senior High and the beginning of university. Everybody needs to answer... >Full Story

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    Tyrone's Spiritual Revelations

    My Spiritual Journey: The most important things in my life were music and books, both of which helped me avoid interacting with real people. I didn't acknowledge God in any way, and through pride and ignorance I explored my own inadequate justification of existence through meditation. The 'Gospel' is 'good news' which means we are freed from...... >Read More

    Freshmen Survival Advice for Life

    As students you bring many things with you: books, computers, spending money, hopes and dreams. Yet, as with any other major life change, what most will not bring is experience. The campus is a new world, and here, it is not the strong but the teachable who survive. Institutions for post-secondary education are not just about classrooms and laboratories;...... >Read More

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