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    The Obituary of Richard Cory

    There's a line in a Colin Hay song that says, "I'm waiting for my real life to begin." Have you ever felt that way? Sometimes we get so good at being who we're supposed to be, being the person someone else thinks we are, that we lose sight of ourselves altogether.  What do you do when it's time to stop acting? Take the next step: Restore... >Full Story

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    Fashion Forecast 2008/2009: A Fabulous Fall and a Lavish Winter

    Lavish fashion this fall/winter spotlights shaggy fur, rich textured fabrics, gemstones, bows, ruffles, feathers, delicate chiffons, tartan, patent leather and new sculpted silhouettes. This season is about variety. Beautiful fall colors grace the runway. Rich jewel tones in sapphire blue, eggplant purple, burnt orange, gold and the berry colors-blackberry,...... >Read More

    Healing from Abuse and Inadequacy

    Sherry's Spiritual Journey: >Spirituality is the core of who we are. In the formative years (teenage and especially university years), we make crucial decisions that affect the rest of our lives. For myself, I've learned to go for truth... to build my life on something that will not crumble in 30 years. Before I discovered that foundation...... >Read More

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