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    Best Friend

    "Best friend" can sound like a silly, childish term to many people. It conjures up images of playground arguments between little girls, but it is a term that is dear to my heart. I met Jocelyn in 1974, in Mrs. Ball's kindergarten class. I was four years old and she was five. Over the course of a year spent huddled over the sand table and the craft... >Full Story

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    What Does Your Soul Crave?

    I read a book called Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus. These are my thoughts (McManus' quotes are in italics). It’s hard to define the things inside my heart. I wonder if I’m the only one who feels what I feel and wants what I want. Am I the same as others in this mass of humanity, or am I alone... >Read More

    I'd like to pray to give my life to Christ but I have questions first...

    Examining your spiritual beliefs is an important process and choosing to give control of your life to Jesus is a big step. Questions are a natural part of the process. We have a team of online mentors ready and waiting to respond to your questions. Use the form below to send us an email and get connected with an online... >Read More

    I just asked Jesus into my life...

    God created us for relationship -- with him and with others. Life as a Christian is not meant to be lived alone. Share your decision of asking Jesus into your life with someone you trust and know to be a Christian. Please let us know about your decision -- we have a team of email mentors ready to help you... >Read More

    Getting to Know Jesus

    Choosing to submit your life to God is the most significant decision you can ever make. This choice involves more than simple intellectual agreement that Jesus is God and that He died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins. Becoming a Christian also requires that you commit the rest of your life to God, to do... >Read More

    Ryan's Profile: Beyond the External and into the Eternal

    I used to try to fill the void I felt in my heart with external stuff... I was all about the hard Nirvana music, thinkin' about girls, making lots of money, sports... but none of these things worked... >For security I pretty well put my trust in my stuff as many people do. I would find confidence when I looked... >Read More

    Student Profile: Ral search for identity

    spirituality | drug use | personality Spiritual Snapshot: Drugs and the acceptance of others In high school, I went to various parties, experimented with drugs and made some bad relationship choices. I even started selling drugs. I was looking for somewhere to belong socially. I wanted independence from my parents, to find personality,...... >Read More

    Malia's Story: Small Town Struggles

    Malia's Spiritual Journey: >I used to think that God and Jesus were just figures that were up in heaven watching us. They weren't really a part of my life except for when I needed them. I was in control of my life; I relied on myself to change and make things in my life better. I always thought there was... >Read More

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