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    Team Work in Study Groups Helps Ease the Load

    As the semester wears on and the homework load increases, thoughts of finding more effective study skills and approaches are undoubtedly entering your minds. Why not try out a study group? A study group is essentially a group of students who meet on a somewhat consistent basis to study together and offer one another advice and suggestions (but... >Full Story

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    Get a Life! Cheap Student Entertainment (Part 4)

    Learn for fun Want a behind the scenes look at your favourite product or media outlet? Take a free tour of your city newspaper or chocolate bar factory. Just call them up and ask for the next tour time. Libraries contain a wealth of fun stuff. From novels to CDs to cookbooks and magazines, your local library has it all. Many libraries... >Read More

    Life Snapshot > Meet Daniel

    Quirks and Quacks The kitchen is on fire! A chef in Malaysia once told me that there were only two jobs in the world that were absolutely certain: a doctor because people will always get ill and a cook because people will always need to eat. Until leaving home, I couldn’t cook to save my life but motivation from that infinite source... >Read More

    Are you a coffee addict?

    Are you denying the coffee addict in you? I don't remember what my first tip-off was. Perhaps it was when I chose coffee-flavored hard candies over fruit flavoured candies. Or was it when I downed the mocha chip ice cream instead of my usual mint-chocolate chip? Perhaps it was when I started salivating every time I drove... >Read More

    Freshmen Survival Advice for Life

    As students you bring many things with you: books, computers, spending money, hopes and dreams. Yet, as with any other major life change, what most will not bring is experience. The campus is a new world, and here, it is not the strong but the teachable who survive. Institutions for post-secondary education are not just about classrooms and laboratories;...... >Read More

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