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    Profile: Chris

    My life as a student: I went to university to become a lawyer. Then I switched to pre-med to become a dentist. I finally decided to get a degree that I enjoyed and just get out of school. So, I graduated with a degree in History and Human Geography. History gave me insight as to who we are as a society. Geography incorporated so many disciplines... >Full Story

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    Student laundry kit for college survival

    INGREDIENTS: your choice of laundry container (suggestions: hamper, basket, or bag) detergent bleach (optional) stain remover coin holder DIRECTIONS: Gather the detergent, bleach and stain remover. Place all items into the laundry hamper/basket/bag. Whatever laundry container you choose will serve you as an appropriate and quick...... >Read More

    Time Management Tips for College & University Students

    Whether you were an efficient worker or practicing procrastinator in high school, good time management is a key element to a successful college career. Even if you were efficient in high school, college can be overwhelming - there seems to be so much extra time! Since most classes don't meet on a daily basis, it's easy to think your...... >Read More

    Starving Student: Spend Less on Groceries

    Are you a "starving student living in rez? Check out Life in Residence on Facebook and see other students have to say about campus living. Even on your student budget, you know a chunk of your budget will be spent on groceries. No secret in that! Here's what you can do about it to make it cheaper: 1. Sound meal planning.... >Read More

    Thanksgiving Thoughts: Practicing Gratitude

    Have you ever thought of yourself as a poor or starving student? In our student days it is perhaps easier to remember our lack of money or things. It is easy to take a look around and be disappointed. As a student, the "lack of" in our lives can make it easier to want things even more, especially when we live... >Read More

    The Vital Dimension of Sex: Sexuality and Spirituality

    Powerful emotional factors can make it difficult for singles to wait or to stop. A longing to be close to someone or a yearning to express love can generate intense desires for physical intimacy. Many singles today want to wait but lack inner strength or self esteem. They may fear losing love if they postpone sex. Often sex brings emptiness... >Read More

    Student Profile: Stuff About Amy

    my major | college life | who I am | my spirituality Choosing my area of study: >I kept changing my major back and forth. I loved biology in high school so I wanted to be a doctor. Then I switched to biochemistry, but I couldn't handle the chemistry, so I went back to biology. It can be tough... >Read More

    Student Profile: Stuff about Dave

    mechanical engineering | advice | more about me | spirituality Choosing my major: >I basically chose my major by process of elimination. And, it's a bonus that I get to play with cool machines and build fun things. >A typical course load in engineering includes 20 hours of class, 5 to 8 hours of lab, and 10 hours of homework each week....... >Read More

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