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    Bullying: Silence Kills

      I turned on CNN this morning and there was more news of bullying and suicide and it broke my heart. Bullying sometimes gets passed off as just a part of growing up. But for many young people, they won’t get the chance to grow up. For them, bullying cost them everything.  I know how they feel – I was almost one of them. A friend... >Full Story

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    Profile: Justine

    The kind of person that I am: When nobody's watching, I'm quiet, introspective, hard on myself, with high standards. And I can be pretty selfish! I can be pretty content on my own and don't need to have people around. Many of my friends laugh at me when I say that because they think I'm extroverted! But that's only because I've... >Read More

    Profile: Jackie

    My high school experience: As stereotypical as it may sound, I was painfully trying to find acceptance in the popular crowd in high school. I tried subtlety changing my attitude, behavior and appearance to conform to the group I wished to please. Eventually I came to see that this life of trying to have the "right" friends, music and clothes...... >Read More

    Profile: Jackie

    I love stories: I'm someone who has always loved stories. My grandma fed my imagination when I was little by telling me fairy tales and filipino folk stories about monkeys, turtles and coconut shells! Working on the high school yearbook combined my love for words and stories with my passion to work with people on creative projects. It...... >Read More

    Profile: Chris S.

    Spiritual snapshot:  My second chance at life On the morning of July 12, around 7 am, I was on my way to work. I had been out very late the night before at a wedding and was very tired.  About 5 minutes from work I fell asleep at the wheel.  I woke up immediately after hearing the wheels of the... >Read More

    Profile: Chris

    My spiritual journey: I've always thought about God - even if I didn't have a conclusion about it. I remember when I was 7 years old, I was sitting on a fence when a neighbor girl came up to me and asked me out of the blue, "Do you believe in God?" I didn't know what I believed, so I covered... >Read More

    Job Search Tips: CV Resume Checklist for College Students

    by Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development When you apply for most jobs, employers expect you to have a short, typed summary of your qualifications called a resume or a curriculum vitae. The purpose of a resume is to draw attention to your skills and accomplishments, and get you invited for an interview. Many books have...... >Read More

    Planning and Time Management for Students On the Job

    The old adage reminds us that "People don't plan to fail but a lot of people do fail to plan." During a war, we find a tank operator and a general. Which function is more important? It is probably the general, at least in this sense. One can be the best tank operator on the line, get out there everyday and... >Read More

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