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    Dealing with Exam Anxiety in College and University

    By Steve Douglass The first sign of a problem while preparing for an exam is worry. Worry robs us of energy, focus and motivation. If we can eliminate worries, or at least control them, then we’re in a much better position to do well on our tests. There are three ways I know to deal with worry. The first is to delete the causes. What causes... >Full Story

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    Study Skills: Ace Your First Year Science & Engineering Courses

    Draw a diagram (where applicable) as one of the first steps you do in solving a question. Double-check all diagrams and calculations. Re-read each question attempted afterwards to check that you fully answered it. Answer questions neatly so the marker can easily follow your logic. Don't fall behind in your understanding of the material...... >Read More

    Study Skills: Conquer Your Reading Pile

    by Maria Gracia Keeping up with what's going on in the world and with student life is a challenge when it involves potentially a lot of reading: course readings, leisure reading, and reading newspaper or magazines to stay on top of current issues. Have you procrastinated so much that your reading pile getting so high that you can barely see...... >Read More

    Memoirs of Midterm Madness

    Is it already mid-term time yet? It's always surprising, and a little alarming, how fast that fun little week sneaks up on you. One day you're trying to memorize your new class schedule, and the next you're writing an essay test on a subject you were entirely ignorant of just a few weeks ago. And you're not so sure... >Read More

    University Students Kick the Procrastination Habit

    by Maria Garcia "I'll get to it--when I get a chance." You know what that means, don't you? You'll never get to it! Here are 8 simple ways to kick the procrastination habit and start getting things done. 1. Break it down. Seem overwhelming? Don't look at everything as one big project. Break goals, projects or tasks down into small parts....... >Read More

    Tips on Getting into Med School

    by Dr. J. Schmiley Getting into med school is a harrowing rite of passage. There are no shortcuts in this process, but to give yourself any hope of entering medicine's "forbidden city" you must be prepared. Behold the 8 Ps of Pre-med Preparation: Prerequisites: Be aware of required courses, major in Sciences with Arts electives. Performance:...... >Read More

    Do's and Don'ts of Writing Multiple Choice Exams

    by UWO Student Development Centre's Learning Skills Services For "conceptual" multiple-choice questions, typically found in a whole range of disciplines: If the question is "conceptual", i.e., if the answer it seeks is a statement, begin by covering the alternatives with a ruler or piece of paper. Then, carefully read and understand the...... >Read More

    Study Skills: Learn from Your Returned Multiple Choice Exam

    by UWO Student Development Centre's Learning Skills Services Error Analysis for Multiple-choice Exams When you have written an exam, spend some time trying to understand why you lost marks on the questions that you got wrong. If you can understand the reasons for some of the errors that you made, you may be able to adapt your studying and...... >Read More

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