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    True Success

    by Thang Pham Growing up, I had lived in a very isolated, sheltered environment around my parents. I had no background in any religion. My parents were Buddhist, non-practicing. As I was growing up, my parents viewed success as doing well financially and having great kids. I took everything the same way, I lived life spoiled and expected everything... >Full Story

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    Student Profile: Chris

    university life | random facts | digging deeper | finding true success The Good and Bad of University Life: >The friends I made are definitely what was worthwhile and enjoyable about university. >Least favourable thing about university: my 8am classes. >The freedom that I had in first year of university was a challenging adjustment....... >Read More

    Student Profile: Corey's Perspective

    his passions | campus life | spirituality | desiring success The artist in Corey I enjoy photography, painting and listening to music. I am a very reflectful person. I enjoy reflecting on the beauty of God's creation. My artistic side is attracted to beauty. Sometimes I have so much expressiveness in my heart, it leaps out... >Read More

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