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    Career Choice: Combining your degree and your passions

    Don't waste your money on something you will never do. My Dad offered this advice to my younger sister during one reading break. After a semester of studying Environmental Studies, my sister realized that she would never want to work in this field.  She came home over reading break and voiced her concern.  My Dad began to consider the money... >Full Story

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    Do's and Don'ts of Writing Multiple Choice Exams

    by UWO Student Development Centre's Learning Skills Services For "conceptual" multiple-choice questions, typically found in a whole range of disciplines: If the question is "conceptual", i.e., if the answer it seeks is a statement, begin by covering the alternatives with a ruler or piece of paper. Then, carefully read and understand the...... >Read More

    Study Skills: Learn from Your Returned Multiple Choice Exam

    by UWO Student Development Centre's Learning Skills Services Error Analysis for Multiple-choice Exams When you have written an exam, spend some time trying to understand why you lost marks on the questions that you got wrong. If you can understand the reasons for some of the errors that you made, you may be able to adapt your studying and...... >Read More

    Liberal Arts: A Faulty Move or a Step in the Right Direction?

    by Jessica Abbey It isn't uncommon for my friends who are more career-minded to scoff at my "risky" English Writing major. They call me impractical. My parents might badger about my career plans until their faces turn blue. I'm not budging from where I'm sitting in my studies despite all this pestering from well meaning friends and family. From...... >Read More

    What does your dirty laundry reveal about your personality?

    Believe it or not, your dirty laundry can be quite revealing. Not the kind of dirty laundry that makes tabloid headlines -- the real stuff, the dirty clothes that lurk in your hamper and seem to grow into piles of mind-boggling dimensions in no time at all. When faced with the never-ending task of laundry, there are four basic types... >Read More

    University and College Exam Survival Tips

    Preparation Go to class! Stay awake in class. Do whatever it takes - pinch yourself, chew gum, sit at the front of the classroom. Take notes in class. How detailed the notes should be depends on the class and teacher. At least write down the key ideas. Plan ahead. Know when you have time to study, and use that time. Don't study hungry....... >Read More

    Study Skills for College and University Tests and Exams

    from UWO Student Development Centre's Learning Skills Services Prepare for Class: Read the recommended text pages. Some students like to do a fairly quick reading before class, and then after class they make their study notes from the text. Other students will read and make notes before they go to class. Try both options to see which works...... >Read More

    Essay exam study skills in college and university

    You may often be asked in college to take essay exams. In certain ways, the same principles for writing good out-of-class essays apply to writing good in-class essays as well. For example, both out-of-class and -in-class essays are more successful when you: take into consideration your purpose, audience and information; develop a thesis...... >Read More

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