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    Debate: Does A God or Gods Exist?

    [caption id="attachment_37433" align="aligncenter" width="574" caption="Photo by Pierre Metivier"][/caption] On Friday May 18, my colleague Paul Chamberlain and I participated in a debate at an Atheists’ Convention.  The debate question was Does A God or Gods Exist? and our opponents were Christopher DiCarlo and Matt Dillahunty. It drew about... >Full Story

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    Three Ideas that Changed My Life

    [caption id="attachment_36913" align="alignright" width="149" caption="Michael circa 1973"][/caption] “Josh is Coming” was all over the campus at the University of Calgary. It was painted on all the plywood fences surrounding construction areas. It was written in chalk all over the sidewalks. It was on posters, banners, flyers. Everyone on...... >Read More

    The Worst Birthday Present Ever

    “All the evidence we have says that the universe had a beginning.” At least that is what cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin said at a January 2012 conference in Cambridge held in honor of Stephen Hawking’s 70th birthday. But in a pre-recorded speech given at the conference Hawking had reiterated why he was uncomfortable with the idea of our...... >Read More

    Torturing Toddlers

    How do you help someone who claims that there are no objective moral values and obligations? I have found that when specific examples of morally abhorrent behavior, like torturing toddlers for sport, are brought to their attention, most people’s moral intuitions are brought to the surface and they recognize that they do believe in objective...... >Read More

    Are the Written Accounts about the Resurrection of Jesus Faulty?

    I find that many people who are skeptical these days about Jesus’ resurrection from the dead believe that the written accounts are either contradictory or are borrowed from pagan stories. And in either case they believe these are good reasons to distrust the writings. Since this weekend is Easter the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, I...... >Read More

    Are Intuitions for Real?

    [caption id="attachment_36419" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Photo by Marco Bellucci"][/caption] When we claim to know that torturing toddlers for sport is morally wrong because of our direct awareness of the injustice of the behavior, we are justified or warranted in our claim to knowledge, unless or until a defeater of our belief arises. I...... >Read More

    Is Direct Awareness of Reality Just a Feeling?

    Photo by nostalgic-minds Last time I claimed that our experience of the moral order through our moral sense is on a similar footing as our experience of physical objects through our physical senses. They are both a direct experience or awareness of reality. Now clearly, there is also a difference. Our physical senses all work with empirical data....... >Read More

    Evidence for God from Morality

    Here are the lecture notes given at the Apologetics Canada Conference, March 10, 2012 in Surrey, B.C. Evidence for God from Morality                     "Is There Any Real Right or Wrong" article (free download)                        ...... >Read More

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