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Heart Problems: A Dad Shaped Hole

Not every girl gets to be Daddy's little girl. Many are missing the father-daughter relationship that is so essential for any child to have. The following excerpt is from H. Norman Wright's A Dad-Shaped Hole in My Heart. Dads, see for yourself and learn how to help heal that 'dad-shaped hole' in your daughter's heart. Daughters or even sons, consider... >Full Story

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You Can Help A Grieving Heart

Oh, we talk about the best cold medications and if cherry cough syrup tastes better to kids than orange. We can recommend preschools and sneakers. But the hardest part of parenting is the least often discussed. The roughest aspect of being a parent is losing a child. Then we clam up. We don't want to hear. We are threatened. If... >Read More

Dealing with Grief

In this video sermon, Glenn Driedger, director of church relations for Power to Change Ministries, shares about the death of his wife, how he worked through his grief, and what the Lord taught him through the experience. If you are dealing with grief, or know someone who is, we hope that this video will encourage and strengthen you during... >Read More

Suicide - Giving Life Another Chance

Give life another chance. You may be reading this article because you are contemplating killing yourself. Or perhaps you know someone who is. If you are at the end of your rope there are suicide hotlines and other resources here.   If you are that person who has lost hope for your life, please read on. Let me talk to you personally....... >Read More

Failure to Render Aid

In the wake of the horror and suffering of the recent terrorist attacks on Manhattan and the Pentagon, and recently the attacks on London, it has been heartwarming to see so many acts of heroism, beginning with the men and women who met a hellish death as they raced up the stairs of the World Trade Center to save... >Read More

How to Help a Person in Crisis

After meeting the more urgent physical needs (like providing food, water, shelter, and medical care), the person might be ready to talk about his or her trauma. Below we give you some examples on how to help someone deal with the psychological impact of the crisis. What might be the most important thing you can do is give the individual... >Read More

September 11th: The Call That Shook My World

The hum in the office grew as people filtered in that morning. Soft chuckles over some incident the night before, muffled conversations and ringing phones filled the air. Suddenly, an urgent tone broke in. The first reports of a possible tragedy began circulating, and while some employees wrapped up phone calls, one or two turned on a radio, and...... >Read More


This was written by Alan in his Religion 100 class at UBC in 1974 before he had any symptoms of his head problems, or possibility of death. He was about 19 when he wrote this. ~ Ed Becker (Alan's father) For me, death is of little importance. This is because of my Christian beliefs. Since Christ conquered death on the... >Read More

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