I Proposed With A Goat (She said yes!)

Exactly 5 years ago I asked Olive to marry me. Rather than popping the question with a diamond ring, I planned to propose to her with a goat. It wasn’t a pet goat for her to keep in the yard and take for walks; it was a goat to give away to a family in need. It was what she wanted, and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to spend the rest of my...

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I Just Called To Say “I Love You”
I Just Called To Say "I Love You"

Don and Jen's love story started at a pool in Vancouver. After their first date he called her everyday, right around lunch time, just to see how she was. When he proposed she said yes right away. Not long after their first child was born, things got a bit more complicated. Don grew angry and Jen withdrew. They separated and two years later their...

Solving Disagreements Without Arguing
Solving Disagreements Without Arguing

I bet everyone wishes they knew the answer to this one. Before diving into the topic of conflict, one thing to understand about conflict is that it’s absolutely normal and to be expected in the marital relationship. Conflict doesn’t happen because you’re married to the wrong person; conflict happens because you’re human. One of the pitfalls...

New Baby, Distant Husband
New Baby, Distant Husband

Do you feel abandoned? Our mentors are here for you. Request a mentor today. “Ever since I had the baby, my husband has been distant.” In the midst of all the excitement of new baby, especially the first baby, you rarely hear expectant parents talking about how this child will change their marriage. Babies are wonderful, let’s be...

The Power of Sorry
The Power of Sorry

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Do you remember that saccharine line from the famous 1970 movie Love Story?  It sounded icky to us then, and it sounds icky to us now. If you came of age under the spell of that cloying mantra, we’d like to set the record straight once and for all: it’s a big fat lie that has nothing...

Being in Love Isn’t Enough
Being in Love Isn't Enough

Right before I got married I read Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman. There is a great list of “flags” to go through in conversation with your significant other before, and even after, you marry. I believe most sources of conflict in marriage can be worked out so I didn’t see anything on Chapman’s list that was...

How to Be Happily Married
How to Be Happily Married

Neil Josephson has been married for over 30 years.  He’s discovered that the biggest challenge in his marriage hasn’t been any of the circumstances that he and his wife have faced.   The biggest threat to being happily married is being selfish. He says, “Here’s what I realized: I could continue to be selfish, or I could be happily married....

Writing a Will
Writing a Will

It's a subject that none of us want to think about. Whether we're young and just starting life or older and approaching the end, we don't want to think about our own death. Adding money to the mix only makes it worse. But, the truth is that all adults need to think about what will happen to their financial affairs when they die. Failure to do so...

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