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An Easter Story Worth Remembering

You've probably seen Santa Claus; but have you ever seen the Easter Bunny? As a small child, I enjoyed visiting Santa at a local department store at Christmastime. My parents would take me downtown to the jolly bearded man in the red suit. I felt comfortable climbing into his lap, telling him my wish list and receiving a gift along with his encouraging...

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Easter is For Second Chances
Easter is For Second Chances

Easter is the story of second chances.  Through the events that are celebrated this week Jesus paid the price for a world gone wild.  He became a healer for those who suffer, a redeemer for all who have failed, a rescuer for all who are lost and alone, a life giver for all who are dying. If you look at the world around you and shake your head,...

Top 10 “Unanswerable” Questions
Top 10 "Unanswerable" Questions

Which question would you most like to find an answer to? According to search engine Ask.com (formerly known as Ask Jeeves, which is still its moniker in the UK) the following are the top ten "unanswerable" questions: 1. What is the meaning of life? 2. Is there a God? 3. Do blondes have more fun? 4. What is the best diet? 5. Is there anybody...

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