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Mark Burnett’s Bible TV Series: Epic Adventure

Think of it as Survivor: Earth As reality TV host Jeff Probst might say (cue theme music; roll panoramic video), “This … is the planet Earth - a spectacular paradise that can become a perilous jungle.  Two people – a man and a woman – are about to begin the adventure of the ages.” “Their progeny will encompass vastly different... >Full Story

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The Bible: Reliable?

The Bible is heralded as a wonderful and sacred text by both Christians and non-Christians alike; but, is it reliable? Are the Scriptures really the word of God? What details do archeological pursuits unearth, and how do they shed light into the validity and reliability of Scripture? In this video series, Josh McDowell presents several key points...... >Read More


Is the Christian faith blind faith?  On the surface, faith and reason may seem to be two drastically opposed ideas; to have "Faith" means to forego reason, and being "reasonable" means one can not have faith. Josh McDowell explains the importance of reason and rationality in light of the Christian faith. He shares his journey, as a young and... >Read More

The Bible is Unique

What separates the Bible from all the other books throughout history? Is it just another historical document? Are its writers historically accurate? In this video series, Josh McDowell, Christian author and teacher, explores the uniqueness of Scripture and the unsurpassed accuracy of its writers. 1. Is the Bible Unique? 2.  How Does the Bible...... >Read More

Methods of Proof

Is Christianity true? What evidence is there? We cannot repeat the events of historical Christianity, but we can weigh the evidence. In this video series, Josh McDowell, Christian author and teacher, explores questions of truth and accuracy within the Bible. 1. Christianity: Scientific Proof? 2. Proving History with Science 3. Can Science Prove...... >Read More

Examining Christianity with Science

Next: Three Types of Historic Methods of Proof Did Julius Caesar ever live? Did William Shakespeare really write Hamlet? These questions are outside of the realm of scientific investigation. We cannot prove them by repeating these circumstances and observing them. Instead, we’re left to draw a conclusion, a verdict, based on the evidence. The...... >Read More

The Bible - Fact, Fiction or Fallacy?

How accurate is the Bible? Is what we have today what was written down 2000 years ago? Is what was written down 2000 years ago true? Over the course of the video series, Josh McDowell explores questions of truth and accuracy within the Bible. Fact, Fiction or Fallacy? Can we trust what the Bible says? 1. Can you trust the... >Read More

What is Truth?

What is truth to you?  Is the bible always truth? Does truth change day to day according to circumstances? Back in the day when they thought the world was flat, that was truth, but in reality the world was not flat at all This is what Josh says in the video: “Then let me ask you a question.  When people... >Read More

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