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Astronomy fascinates me. I started studying it at age seven when I visited the library to find out why stars are hot. Once I found the answer to that question, I continued reading every physics and astronomy book I could get my hands on. With my dad’s help and the money I saved from collecting pop bottles, I built my first telescope at age sixteen. That’s... >Full Story

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What Do You Fear?

What do you fear, and why? Is it holding you back from realizing your full potential? The childish fears of our youth are usually replaced by new fears, or sometimes they just morph into more socially acceptable versions of those same childish fears. Watch this short film and then take a look at the related online... >Read More

This Week on Secrets of Success

Welcome to the new Secrets of Success newsletter! Since SOS has moved to its new home at, we've also introduced a new format for our newsletter which highlights some of the interesting new content we've added to our sites recently. We hope that you will enjoy it! Look for our new SOS newsletter every two weeks! The Shocking...... >Read More

Your Faith Adventure

  We are filled by the Holy Spirit by faith; we can experience the abundant life which Christ promised to each Christian. You have to ask yourself: Is this the life for me? Every day can be an exciting adventure for the Christian who knows the reality of being filled with the Holy Spirit and who lives constantly, moment by moment,... >Read More

Snow White

Story told by Susan Houle, written by Helen Grace Lescheid Everybody at the mission base crowded around the team that had just returned from an outreach on the streets and beach. "Great stuff!" "Awesome!" "What happened next?" You could feel the excitement in the air. As usual I stood on the fringe fighting off panic. What am I doing...... >Read More

Journeying Out of Depression (The Road to Siloam)

The news came with startling swiftness that night. We don't know whether it was prepared text or if the words flowed spontaneously, but one solitary angel was called upon to make an announcement that has never been forgotten. Appearing in a small Judean pasture in the middle of the night, this messenger from heaven introduced the true light that...... >Read More

Victory Over Prescription Addiction

"Ann, you have everything anyone could ever want!" a friend of hers exclaimed one day. "Oh, yes," she answered, "I have a beautiful home, all kinds of material things and a good husband. But what good are all these things if I feel like a walking zombie? I'm sick of taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills. This is no way to... >Read More

Lost and Wandering – No More

It was an intense moment. Saying “yes” to Jesus seemed so appropriate after the pressures and stresses we had been through over the last few months as a family. There I was, attending the second evening of an Alpha Course sponsored by some local churches in our community. Alpha, originating in Britain, is an 11 week course that investigates...... >Read More

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