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Holy Week Bible Reading Guide

Easter is not a day - it is a season. This year begin your Easter preparation with Holy Week because without the crucifixion, there would have been no resurrection.  Had Christ not hung on the cross, taken on our sins, and then spent three days defeating Satan’s power, His rising again would not have been so meaningful. Starting on Sunday,... >Full Story

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Jesus' Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?

At Easter, some might wonder what all the fuss is about. Who cares? What difference does it make if Jesus rose from the dead? It makes all the difference in the world. If Christ did not rise, then thousands of believers have died as martyrs for a hoax. If he did rise, then he is still alive and can offer peace... >Read More

Easter? What is that?

Jesus left them again and prayed the same prayer as before. When he returned to them again, he found them sleeping, for they couldn’t keep their eyes open. And they didn’t know what to say. Mark 14:38-39, NLT Easter is quickly approaching! But do your friends and neighbors know what Easter is really about? A recent Barna survey found...... >Read More

Fresh Love

In those moments when you have a fresh appreciation for a friend; a surge of fresh love for someone dear; or a warming of your heart to someone new in your life… how do you express it? Sometimes we give gifts, write a note, call or spend some extra time together. We find ways to say, “You are important to... >Read More

Reclaim Lent: Find some breathing room

Have a specific prayer on your heart this Lent season? Share your requests with a mentor. For many of us, our churches have moved away from the more austere traditions of the past. Our pastors don’t wear suits.  Our worship teams have drummers and you can download a podcast of the sermon.   In many ways church has become more relaxed...... >Read More

The Easter Story

Watch an animated video "My Last Day" about Jesus' last day on Earth Told from the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.  God did not send His Son into the world to condemn... >Read More

Paska - A Traditional Easter Bread

This great traditional sweet Easter bread is great with icing and sprinkles. Try it toasted too. Great as a dessert, with coffee or even for breakfast. Ingredients: 1/2  tbsp.  sugar 1/2 cup lukewarm potato water 1 pkg yeast 1 1/2 cups light creme 1 1/2 cups sugar 5 eggs, separated 8 cups flour 3/4 cup butter 1/4 cup lemon 1/2 tsp...... >Read More

Easter Story Cookies

Ingredients: 1 cup whole pecans 1 teaspoon vinegar 3 egg whites (room temp.) Pinch of salt 1 cup white sugar Utensils: Bible Mixing bowl Wooden spoon Zipper baggie Electric-beater/mixer Masking tape Directions: PREHEAT THE OVEN TO 300° F. (This is important – do not wait until you are half-done with the recipe to turn...... >Read More

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