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Can Depression Be A Friend?

I have a friend. I haven’t seen her for a while now. She tends to come and go as she pleases. Every so often, she will drop in, stay a while and leave when she thinks she’s kept me company for long enough. Whenever she’s around, my days need to be re-organized. Hers is a quiet sort of demanding. Most people don’t understand her. If I’m... >Full Story

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Getting Over the Holiday Blues

Need to talk? Power to Change offers a free mentoring program where you can talk privately with a trained mentor. This is supposed to be a season of joy and happiness, but many people don't feel it. Many people suffer from bouts of depression or the blues at different times during the year. During the holiday season people encounter...... >Read More

Holiday Eating: Cast Away the Guilt, Keep the Taste

As a nutritionist, I surprise people with my motto: if you're going to indulge, then do it right (have the full-fat version) and really enjoy it! I believe healthy eating includes food high in cream, butter, sugar or salt....just not every day and not every meal. It gets a little trickier during the holiday season with parties, potlucks and... >Read More

Be the Best I can be, Today

I am 41 and spent Mother’s day morning getting up at 5:30 (yes a.m.) by choice to do a 10km run. (Run is a strong word).  Now before you shut me off and say this doesn’t apply to you, just stick with me for a moment.  I am NOT one of those super fit types that loves to exercise. ... >Read More

When Pain Persists

As a child, I never imagined that one day, I would suffer from chronic pain. I was an active kid, a teen who loved physical activity. I thought I would remain healthy forever, but sometimes, life takes a detour. A few months after the birth of my third child, my right side started trembling whenever I made the slightest move.... >Read More

See the World: Volunteer!

If your idea of the perfect holiday involves fresh air, gorgeous views and incredible food, a working holiday at an organic farm might be just what you’re looking for. I know, I know, work doesn’t sound very restful, but if you have a job that keeps you inside, seated at a desk most of the year, you might be surprised... >Read More

Who Benefits From Prayer?

CNN ran an interview this morning that caught my attention. Anderson Cooper was interviewing Christopher Hitchens the author of God Is Not Great.  Hitchens is quite famous for his views against the existence of God.  He is also currently battling a very lethal form of cancer.  Cooper wondered if the disease had changed his beliefs at all.  Hitchens...... >Read More


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