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I Just Called To Say "I Love You"

Don and Jen's love story started at a pool in Vancouver. After their first date he called her everyday, right around lunch time, just to see how she was. When he proposed she said yes right away. Not long after their first child was born, things got a bit more complicated. Don grew angry and Jen withdrew. They separated and two years later their... >Full Story

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Romantic Love Has Two Stages

Before I got married I knew that there were two stages of love I just wasn’t sure how it worked. I knew there was a difference between the “over the moon” swooning and butterflies honeymoon phase of a relationship, and the deep, sustaining quality of love that lasts through the decades. I had witnessed both kinds of love. I... >Read More

Prioritizing Your Ministry to Your Kids

My youngest child and only daughter recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday. My baby girl is now officially an adult and I am feeling quite sentimental and reflective. Since I accepted Christ as Savior in 1991, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t serve the Lord both within my home church and at least one non-profit organization or ministry....... >Read More

I Don’t Think My Wife is “The One”

I am married to a wonderful woman.  When I first met Shelaine I was attracted to her wit, looks, wisdom, and smile.  Within six months we were engaged. The summer before we married I introduced her to a mentor couple from a church I used to attend.  As we sat at their kitchen table the wife exclaimed, “So you... >Read More

How to Be Happily Married

Neil Josephson has been married for over 30 years.  He’s discovered that the biggest challenge in his marriage hasn’t been any of the circumstances that he and his wife have faced.   The biggest threat to being happily married is being selfish. He says, “Here’s what I realized: I could continue to be selfish, or I could be happily married....... >Read More

Writing a Will

It's a subject that none of us want to think about. Whether we're young and just starting life or older and approaching the end, we don't want to think about our own death. Adding money to the mix only makes it worse. But, the truth is that all adults need to think about what will happen to their financial... >Read More

Save Your Marriage from Drifting

Related: Read Elma's Story of Facing Emotional Abandonment in Her Marriage. They were good people. They had made it known that divorce was not an option for them. Yet here they were, going their separate ways and leaving a path of confusion and chaos behind them. There was no love affair to blame, no abuse that had been hidden. Just a... >Read More

Awaken Love

Okay, that's a really corny title, but I've been thinking for a while about the verse in Song of Solomon which says, "Do not awaken love until it is ready." I think some of us have let our love be awakened too early, or too abruptly, and so it never really woke at all. Several routes to this disastrous awakening exist. The first... >Read More

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