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Prioritizing Your Ministry to Your Kids

My youngest child and only daughter recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday. My baby girl is now officially an adult and I am feeling quite sentimental and reflective. Since I accepted Christ as Savior in 1991, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t serve the Lord both within my home church and at least one non-profit organization or ministry.... >Full Story

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Keeping December 1st Sacred

In our family December 1st is one of the most sacred days of the year. Come rain, snow, sleet or hail nothing can stop this day so sacred (Ya, I know, it doesn’t rhyme but you try rhyming with ‘sacred’). On this day of days I enter the crawl space and haul plastic tote after plastic tote up the... >Read More

Spark A Conversation

You know to impact children with the positive values to change their lives, we need to spend time with them. What I’m trying to say is in that time you spend with them be creative. I always wanted to do things, I’d learn more about my child, how they think, how they feel, how they perceive things. And here is... >Read More

Do You Know Your Child?

How well do you know your child? Most mothers really know about their child, so many fathers don’t. Ask yourself this question and the answers can pretty well tell you. If you score, say 9 out of 10, then you’re probably a father who knows his child. If you don’t, then you’ve got your homework to do. What are your... >Read More

3 Destructive Thoughts

You know there’s some lines of thought that are so destructive when it comes to parenting. Destructive line of thought #1: I’ll work hard now and be able to play later. One line of thought is this: Well I’ll work hard now and be able to play later. You know what? That’s a delusion. I’ve hardly ever met a business... >Read More

What They'll Never Forget

You know a way that will help you to be creative in spending time with your children that they really enjoy and leaving memories, is something I did. I never did much with my father because he was always drunk. I was more embarrassed with my father than I ever was happy with him. And so when my children... >Read More

Be Original and Unusual

You know, I often said that if we’re going to impact our children, we need to spend time with them. And one of my philosophies is when you spend time with them, have fun! Do in-ordinary things, do things that other fathers wouldn’t do. Some examples of what Josh has done are: Picked his children up from school in a horse... >Read More

Think & Perceive

You know if we’re going to impact our kids for Christ, we need to know only share spiritual things with them, look for spiritual opportunities to step in and minister to them, to answer their questions, but we need to create opportunities to see how they think, how they perceive things. Now you might think this is pretty bad, but... >Read More

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