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Drat! It's Valentine's Day

Let's face it… Valentine's Day sometimes makes us growl. Who came up with the crazy idea of dedicating a specific day of the year to the expression of our love for others? Who decided to lay this huge pressure upon us? Even as a child, I found this day horribly stressful. Who should I give a valentine to? Should I avoid giving one to somebody?... >Full Story

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Chasing Happiness

What do you crave? For Esther, it’s always been happiness. She chased after it in parties, in fashion and relationships. It worked for a while. But one day a police car hit her mother, badly injuring her and Esther’s heart broke. She used the unfairness of what had happened as the justification for a string of bad decisions. Where... >Read More

Awaken Love

Okay, that's a really corny title, but I've been thinking for a while about the verse in Song of Solomon which says, "Do not awaken love until it is ready." I think some of us have let our love be awakened too early, or too abruptly, and so it never really woke at all. Several routes to this disastrous awakening exist. The first... >Read More

Think Before You Buy

The Top 10 Gifts You Shouldn’t Buy Your Wife This Christmas OK, let’s be honest. Sometimes men are bad at choosing gifts. Your intentions are good, but pick the wrong gift and you send the wrong message. So before you go out and buy a present for your wife, girlfriend or whoever that lovely lady is in your life, be... >Read More

Give a Gift to Your Relationship

My early morning jog seemed colder than normal. I felt chilled to the bone, so I stayed in the hot shower a bit longer than usual.  I had almost exhausted the hot water supply when I finally turned off the taps. Through the curtains my husband handed me a towel.  As I wrapped the fresh white towel around my shivering... >Read More

3 Destructive Thoughts

You know there’s some lines of thought that are so destructive when it comes to parenting. Destructive line of thought #1: I’ll work hard now and be able to play later. One line of thought is this: Well I’ll work hard now and be able to play later. You know what? That’s a delusion. I’ve hardly ever met a business... >Read More

Hope for Adult Children of Divorce

According to a recent report from the Family Research Council, 55 percent of teenagers live in families where their biological parents have rejected one another. Of the 12.8 million teenagers ages 15-17 in the U.S. in 2008, 7 million were living with one birth parent only, with a birth parent and a stepparent, with two cohabiting parents, or with...... >Read More

Got Change?

April 12th, 2009 forced a change in my life. I remember making my way across the darkened parking lot and slipping in behind the wheel of my car in silence. Rain slipped down the windshield and I opened the window ever so slightly, hoping that the chilled air would remind me to breathe.  For 10 days I had sat... >Read More

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