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As Of Today, I Am Divorced

Related: Read Daniel's story of facing separation and divorce. Here are the facts: One, I have been living apart from my now ex-husband for two full years.  Therefore, I’ve had some time to get used to this single life and single parenting thing. And two, I was served with a petition for dissolution of marriage eleven months ago. ... >Full Story

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Romantic Love Has Two Stages

Before I got married I knew that there were two stages of love I just wasn’t sure how it worked. I knew there was a difference between the “over the moon” swooning and butterflies honeymoon phase of a relationship, and the deep, sustaining quality of love that lasts through the decades. I had witnessed both kinds of love. I... >Read More

How to Be Happily Married

Neil Josephson has been married for over 30 years.  He’s discovered that the biggest challenge in his marriage hasn’t been any of the circumstances that he and his wife have faced.   The biggest threat to being happily married is being selfish. He says, “Here’s what I realized: I could continue to be selfish, or I could be happily married....... >Read More

Why Do I Struggle with Sexual Intimacy?

There’s another way your abuse could be impacting you and that’s in your enjoyment and desire for sex with your spouse. In addition to the ways sexual abuse damages our bodies, spirits and emotions, sexual abuse also damages our view of sex. When we’ve been used for others’ sexual pleasure the experience becomes associated with a negative...... >Read More

How Do I Know if I Need Healing?

Sometimes we can feel a certain way for so long that it starts to feel normal, comfortable even. It becomes so familiar that we stuff down that nagging thought that we should do something about our struggles. The process of healing can seem scarier than what we’re experiencing now. I met a woman at a retreat who began to share... >Read More

Past Abuse: Why do I feel this way?

Perhaps you’ve been struggling for years with feelings that you can’t understand or explain. Here are some of the ways sexual abuse affects a child, which can follow into adulthood. Maybe you’ll see some of yourself in the list below: Self-blame: When children experience trauma, their inherent egocentrism leads them to believe that they...... >Read More

How Do I Know if I’ve Been Sexually Abused?

Sexual abuse has a broader definition than we may assume. There are four types of sexual abuse: verbal, visual, physical and psychological. Verbal sexual abuse includes sexual threats, sexual comments about your body, lewd or suggestive comments and inappropriate sexual conversations with children. Visual sexual abuse includes exposure to pornographic,...... >Read More

Childhood Sexual Abuse: How the past affects the present

Rough estimates put one in three girls and one in six boys in the US at risk for being sexually abused. But exact figures are hard to assess because most children delay reporting their abuse until later in adulthood or never report it at all. Many of the women I’ve led through healing were not believed when they did... >Read More

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