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Spring and Summer Fashion 2013 in Living Color!

Spring 2013 blooms with a vibrant palette! We’ve got bright monochromatic colors - cobalt blue, luminous yellow, playful greens - 80’s neons and sugar-dusted pastels.  Floral patterns are front and center with spring’s modern romance blossoming. Flowers are transformed into wearable art with floral prints, floral lace, 3-D petals, and flower... >Full Story

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Do You Need Springtime in Your Soul?

The snowy ruts in the road are gradually diminishing. The huge piles of snow are being hauled away and the long days of our Canadian winter are getting noticeably shorter. Nearly every day we hear someone exclaim,  “I’m so ready for spring!” Whether or not we live where the snow flies, we all endure winter seasons of the soul and we... >Read More

Planning for Daffodils

After winter we are all ready for the wonders of spring. One of the cheeriest sights are the bright yellow faces of the daffodils. However, late summer and early fall is the time we need to be planting and nurturing our jonquils to make sure they are bright and healthy later. Planting a bulb garden is a family project. You... >Read More


"I will meditate on the glorious splendor of your majesty, And on Your wondrous works." Psalm 145:5 Nature in all its beauty is so spectacular this spring. We live in southern British Columbia and I don’t remember when the new growth on the trees and grass has been so lush. The flowers are blooming in magnificent splendor. The birds are... >Read More

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