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Spring and Summer Fashion 2013 in Living Color!

Spring 2013 blooms with a vibrant palette! We’ve got bright monochromatic colors - cobalt blue, luminous yellow, playful greens - 80’s neons and sugar-dusted pastels.  Floral patterns are front and center with spring’s modern romance blossoming. Flowers are transformed into wearable art with floral prints, floral lace, 3-D petals, and flower... >Full Story

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True Fishing Tales

I don’t know where the picture was taken, except that it’s near a lake with cabins and large pine trees. The year is about 1962. There I am in black and white: little tiny guy beaming for the camera, fishing pole in one hand and shiny dead trout in the other. I’m told this was my first fish. I’ll... >Read More

Cousins' Camp - A Time of Bonding

If your grandchildren live some distance from you and, or, perhaps don’t know each other very well as cousins, try organizing a Cousins' Camp. Plan and prepare ahead Determine camp length - one week or less? Send invitations to the grandchildren. Look into area attractions and ticket prices. Collect and prepare craft items, if necessary. Stock...... >Read More

Why we send the kids to summer camp

When I was eleven years young, my parents sent me to Loose Moose Bible Camp as a prize for memorizing Scripture verses like “Be ye kind one to another.” I was beaten up twice that week by Bruce Johnson, the meanest kid this side of Harlem. Bruce had wrists as big as my thighs and tattoos the size of... >Read More

Share Your Home and Heart

No matter how beautiful or warm a church building, it cannot match the intimacy and comfort a home offers. God wants us to surrender our residences to Him because He wants to use our resources to introduce people to Him, then lead them to the church. I (Barbara) like what my husband, Howard, says about our role in witnessing: "The... >Read More

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