How To Have A Great Marriage

Haven’t we all fantasized about the great skills and qualities our “Mr.” or “Ms. Right” will have in their repertoire? Everyone wants a marriage that lasts a lifetime.  With divorce rates high, even among Christians, how do you build a relationship that goes the distance? Not surprisingly, it all starts with the person you choose to...

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Love can be dangerous
Love can be dangerous

Do you crave intimacy? Has love betrayed you? Often, our lives begin with a need for love, and our life stories consist of searching for it. Love can be dangerous. One reason is that it's volatile. A passionless relationship may not have much excitement, but neither does it have much capacity for failure. When you aim low, for mere companionship,...

Something To Live For – Victoria Childress
Something To Live For - Victoria Childress

At a point in her life, Victoria Childress wore her heart on her sleeve -- literally. In a moment of severe pain and desperation, Victoria etched the word "SAD" on her arm with a knife. Growing up in a divided family, she felt as if she had nothing to live for. She would sit in a state of physical and emotional darkness, trying to mask an invisible...

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She Doesn’t Want Sex
She Doesn't Want Sex

What do you do when your partner wants sex more often than you do? In 75% of marriages the husband has a higher sex drive. If a woman feels that people are putting demands on her all day she may find that she just doesn’t have any energy left when she falls into bed at night. A sexless relationship is not going to flourish, but a “grin and bear...

I Do, Again
I Do, Again

It was love at first sight for Cheryl and Jeff. Young and ambitious, they fell in love and and got married. They had it all: or so it seemed. Cheryl found herself secretly discontent and began to question her love for Jeff.  Slowly, they drifted apart and Cheryl drifted into the arms of another man. She had an idea  of what the perfect life...

Husband’s Anger and Abuse
Husband's Anger and Abuse

I have tried to figure out why and how my husband became so resentful and angry. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason for it. We have enough money, his parents are good people, and his work seems reasonably satisfying to him. Why does he hurt me even though he says he loves me?

The Knight’s Tour
The Knight's Tour

In chess, "The Knight's Tour" is an ancient puzzle that has challenged players for centuries. In this video, it represents a deeper battle that all of us face, the battle between our ideal selves, our actual selves, and the constant intrusion of those parts that we would prefer remained hidden. No other human being knows you better than you know...

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Beyond Beautiful
Beyond Beautiful

Amidst the hectic schedule of college life, Emma tries to persuade Charlie to go on a blind date with her new friend. As you watch the video, consider which of the two friends Emma would actually be pleased with, and why. What does this video have to say about our own words and actions? What does hypocrisy of what we say and what we do speak into...

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