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Afterlife - The Difference It Makes

What difference does believing Jesus rose from the dead make? At the heart of the Christian message is the claim that Jesus was raised from the dead. This is the central moment of history. It confirms God's reality. It confirms that Jesus is the Son of God, and it confirms that there is life after death. In these videos, we have explored the evidence...

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Afterlife – Contradictions
Afterlife - Contradictions

Are there contradictions in the Bible's accounts of Jesus rising from the dead?  The central claim of the Christian message is that Jesus rose from the dead - a real event in history. There is good evidence that his tomb was empty - his body really had gone, and that his followers saw him alive again after he died. However, skeptics often point...

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Afterlife – Empty Tomb?
Afterlife - Empty Tomb?

Was Jesus really raised from the dead? Did Jesus’s followers really find his empty tomb?  When Jesus' first followers encountered him alive again after his death, could these encounters have been visions or mystical experiences? Against this, there is the evidence that his tomb was empty. His body really had gone. (And surely, if his body had...

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Afterlife – History: Unknowable?
Afterlife - History: Unknowable?

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Can we know about history so long ago? Something very unusual certainly happened in the Middle East two thousand years ago – something that gave birth to the largest spiritual movement the world has ever seen. The central claim of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead. His tomb was empty, and his followers...

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Afterlife – Hallucinations?
Afterlife - Hallucinations?

Did Jesus rise from the dead, or were the reports hallucinations by his followers? The historical records of Jesus rising from the dead go back very close in time to the original events. They were not later legends or borrowed myths. It was not a deliberate hoax by Jesus's followers – they themselves believed it was true - believed it enough to...

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Afterlife – Science: Impossible?
Afterlife - Science: Impossible?

Does science make it impossible that Jesus rose from the dead? If Jesus really did rise from the dead, it’s the most important thing that’s ever happened. But many people today think that what we know about the world scientifically rules out any possibility that he did. We don’t even need to think about whether the historical evidence is any...

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Afterlife – Borrowed Myths
Afterlife - Borrowed Myths

It’s often said that in the ancient world there were many myths about dying and rising gods. People sometimes claim that Christianity borrowed the story of Jesus rising from the dead from these pagan myths. Is this what happened? Watch the next video: Did Jesus really die? Take the next step: A story on death and life Five things science...

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Afterlife – Later Legends
Afterlife - Later Legends

Did Jesus really rise from the dead, or were these claims legends made up later? At the heart of the Christian message is the claim that Jesus rose from the dead - a claim that we can investigate historically. If it happened, it’s the most important event ever – the turning point of history. If it didn’t happen, we have look for alternative...

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