How to Say “I love you” to a Man

Written by Barbara Erochina

How do you show your man you really love him? We conducted an informal survey and asked participants to tell us what they wish their woman would do to express her love. Here’s what they told us:

  • Appreciate the things I do rather than focussing on the things I don’t do.
  • Be my greatest supporter.
  • Take more initiative to set up special times together.
  • Accept my weaknesses and love me unconditionally.
  • Allow me some time to myself.
  • Express appreciation when I help you.
  • Be spontaneous with hugs, kisses and saying “I love you.”
  • Give me a chance to drop my briefcase, say “hi” and relax before you give me your concerns and problems.
  • Cook my favourite meal
  • Greet me with a smile
  • Make a big deal about my birthday.
  • Gently correct me in private rather than contradicting me in front of others.
  • Just listen to me without assuming what I’m thinking or about to say. Don’t interrupt.

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6 Responses to “How to Say “I love you” to a Man”

  • Elkay says:

    Hello Britt . . . thank you for your comments; we are encouraged and pleased whenever our articles are helpful and pray you are able to appreciate and love your husband completely unselfishly. You complete your husband (in the sense that a married couple reflect the Trinity) when you love him unconditionally and connect to his needs. “Marriage seminars” will tell you that those needs are respect, physical intimacy, companionship (his best friend), encouragement and spiritual connection. Your marriage will blossom when the love that God gives to you then flows to your husband . . . whether he responds in kind or not. Ideally he will right away but if not, keep on keeping on and in time he will. May the God of Grace bless your marriage in every manner!

  • Britt says:

    I am really excited to read this. I thought I had been telling my husband “I love you” but I haven’t!! :( I am really excited to know these simple things will speak volumes to my husband. We have been together 13 years now and I couldn’t imagine life with out him. I am sad to hear him say that I don’t appreciate him and he feels as though I am not happy. Now I know and kind of understand why. I am excited to go home and begin, again, telling him how much I really do love him and still need/want him around more than anyone! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Brenda says:

    Sany, do you have any desire to marry your boyfriend? Have you considered a long-term future with him? Have you talked about goals and plans for the future together? It is very possible that since he cheated on you once, he will do so again, as past behaviour is a great predictor of future behaviour without a clear plan for change. One of the greatest ways we can change, Sany, is to know the Lord Jesus in a personal relationship. Do you and your boyfriend know Jesus? If you would like to get to know Him, here is a link for more information on how to do that:

    Have you considered counselling with a pastor, Sany? Having someone you can both talk to can really help you out with your communication and also assist you to set goals for the future. A pastor can also introduce you to some wonderful people to help mentor you in a relationship with the Lord Jesus, Who can become your Best Friend and Guide. In addition, you can meet wonderful people to support you in your relationship and as a mom in a church setting, as well as find wonderful opportunities for you and your boyfriend and your son to make friends and to get involved with others who are fun to be with and trustworthy. If you would like to talk to an online mentor about your relationship, Sany, please fill out the following form and one of our online mentors will contact you confidentially:

    God bless you, Sany. I am praying for you and your boyfriend and your son.

  • sany says:

    I’m learning how to show him love, 1y n 5mt! But he cheated n I forgave him! Sometimes I feel he don’t deserve nothing, but still I love him more because he told me what he did! N he is not having kids of his own n treat my child so well, better than father himself! I love to come home to him,somehow I trust him after all! Now he snoring n leaning on me while I’m writing this n in thE early morning my lil son will come! Them two just make my heart bigger! I wanna show to both,my son n my bf how much I love them!but I think sometimes negative thoughts bother me n than I barely show anything toward my bf!

  • Shelley says:

    Love! Yes i did love my ex-husband when we were first married. I still have a heart for him now, as I am divorced from him as a result of not the right one but to leave my parents home. If I did have a mate. I would give him his freedom as we all need it at times. My mom when she had to get a way from it all, went to the back of the pool and read her book and vegetate fort a bit. I have know desire now to have an earthly mate as I have full-time with my Lord instead. I give Him my 100% of me and let Him do as He sees fit becasue he cares for me.

  • Yvonne says:

    There are so many ways to say to your man I love you without even saying it. A man in your life absolutely adores the fact that you think HE IS TRULY THE BEST AT EVERYTHING AND YOU LET HIM KNOW IT. Even if he does not say anything, you build his appreciation, trust and loyalty when you speak this way to your man. There is nothing like a confident man because his woman is his number 1 fan. Men love their special things. My man loves snacks from South Africa; it reminds him of home. I make sure at least once per month he gets his treats out of the blue. He does not know when he will get it from me; so I just surprise him. Surprises like this let him know you believe he is so special. My guy gets very happy and smiley and I just love how he looks at me. Another way to really show you love him without saying it is not being a Drama Queen when there is an issue or tension. He appreciates your expression if you don’t over due it. Men run from situations that are tense when women go overboard. Being true to yourself without the Academy Award performance will let a man know you love him. Being respectful of him AT ALL times is a surefire way to show love. He knows you will take care of his ego; even in a public situation that could be potentially embarrassing or dicey. You show respect and courtesy without a show down or trying to prove you are right. A man loves a woman who shows fierce loyalty to him; yes fidelity is at the top of the list, but being loyal to who he is as the man in your life; defending that part of the relationship will make a man go to the end of the earth for you to move mountains. He wants to know his woman “has his back.” Finally, ladies giving your man space is a SUPER BIG WAY TO SHOW YOU LOVE HIM. I MEAN GIVING HIM REAL SPACE; NOT BASED ON YOUR TIME, BUT HIS TIME. This is hard for women because we view separation as being separated from the relationship, but for men they need to recharge, hang out with their friends, focus on their big projects that give them a sense of purpose and/or just regroup because of a new relationship and falling in love with you. When men connect they disconnect to re-connect again. Giving him this space and freedom without freaking out and knowing that letting him free will bring him back to you 10 fold will put you on the right path to permanent love. He will love you more for not being like a typical woman who wants to cling.

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