Job Search Tips: Introduction – Typical Interview Questions (and the Answers!)

Intro | Q1: You | Q2: Company | Q3: Interviewer

I used to think the goal of a job interview was to impress the employer into hiring me. I later discovered the novel idea that interviews are two way interactions and that part of it should involve the employer impressing me too!

An interview is one way the employer can learn more about you, your personality, and experience that can’t be translated onto paper. In fact, some questions are designed simply to see how well you can verbally communicate what’s already on your resume.

But the interview is also a time for you to evaluate if the position is best suited for you by answering their queries and asking good questions.

Preparation is key. Anticipating the types of questions you might be asked will help you practice and prepare your answers, preferably with someone listening or even spoken into a tape recorder you can play back! Understanding the purpose of the questions helps for better preparation and answers as well.

There are typically 3 type of questions that come up in a job interview.

Click on the questions below to find out more:

Q1. Questions about You

Q2. Questions about the Company or Organization

Q3. Questions for the Interviewer

Justine endured over 25 job interviews in her co-op internship program as a student and is quite happy to take a break from interviewing while she works in her current job, writing for this website. Principles were compiled and rewritten from handouts collected from the Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development, the Simon Fraser University Student Employment Centre and personal experience.

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