Behind The Mask: Overcoming Destructive Secrets

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A woman discovers at a very young age that wearing a mask appears to be a part of survival. They discover there is much of themselves, which others see as unacceptable. They tuck those secrets away. Some of these secrets turn cancerous and become deeply destructive. It is possible to overcome even the worst damage of the most painful secrets of your lifetime. Take this study to learn and understand how hope can help us in overcoming this pain.

1. Why do we wear masks? How often do you wear a mask? More thoughts...
Almost everyone feels the need to fit in with society. In order to do this, you may find that you need to ‘wear’ a mask, and disguise all of the things that society might not accept about you. Why do you feel like you need to wear one?
2. What are some things that you hide behind a mask? Why do you hide these things? More thoughts...
Sometimes it can be a fearful task to let others know who you really are. God is always there to give you the strength you need, so that you can face any challenge that comes your way. Never be afraid to be yourself.
3. How is wearing a mask harmful to your self image? More thoughts...
When you try to hide or disguise things about yourself, it lowers your self esteem and may cause you to avoid close relationships. Secrets are a prison. In the Bible, Jesus says: "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
4. What things build a solid foundation for a healthy self-image? Who or what things in your life affect your self image? What things do you feel you need to do or be in order to be accepted by society? How can these things rule your life? More thoughts...
Jesus is the perfect role model. He lived a perfect life, full of thoughtfulness and lovingness towards others. If we strive to be like him, we will find a more fulfilling, purposeful life. Jesus never felt the need to conform to society. If you hand your life over to Jesus he will help you to learn how to keep yourself from conforming to the ways of the world.
5. What defense mechanisms have you put in place to keep your secrets from others? More thoughts...
Defense mechanisms can be anything from avoiding people to even letting a secret hold power over us. Does a secret you have hold power over you? How does it do this? What are some ways that you can get rid of the bad defense mechanisms in your life?
6. Have you found it difficult to let someone get close to you because of a secret? Why is this? More thoughts...
God knows everything we have done. We can't hide anything from him, so living your life in a concealed box will do you no good. You don't have to tell everyone your secrets, but sometimes telling a trusted spouse, or counselor can do you good.
7. What are some steps to accepting and liking yourself? More thoughts...
First, take a close look at what you like about yourself. What are your gifts? What are you good at? What do others like about you? When we see all of the positive things about ourselves, the negative things become less important. Focus on building up your strengths and trying to improve those areas that you are weak in.
8. What are some ways you can maintain a healthy self-image? More thoughts...
How often do you dwell upon the negative aspects of yourself? When we think about the negative things too much, we tend to forget all of the positive things about ourselves. Also, remember that God created you perfectly in his image, and he loves you just the way you are. You will never face rejection from God, only love and forgiveness.
9. How do you discover who you really are? More thoughts...
You need to find your identity through God in order to figure out who you really are. How do you think you can find your identity through God? In what ways can you base your identity on Him? When you do, you will discover that you are a special, beautiful child of God
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