Conversations Among Friends

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The “end” was in sight – it was clear that authorities had reached a decision. They felt Jesus needed to be eliminated, and one of his own friends had agreed to hand him over. Jesus knew what his closest followers still could not yet accept – death was near, and this death would impact individuals and nations. The results would last for eternity. Consider the final hours he shared with his closest friends. 

The setting was simple. Jesus came with his closest followers to a room where they could commemorate the Passover together. This meal was a reminder of the time centuries earlier when the children of Israel had been set free from slavery in Egypt. It was a solemn time, yet one of rejoicing in God’s deliverance of His people.

Our text is John 13 and following. As they sat at supper, Jesus rose, took upon himself the role of a servant, set aside his outer garments and tied a towel around his waist. He took up a basin of water and proceeded to wash the feet of each of his followers.

1. Whose feet were washed? Was anyone left out?
2. Who objected to having Jesus wash his feet? Why do you think he objected? How did Jesus respond? More thoughts...
What can we learn from this account? Does it have any application to our lives today?
3. During the meal, Jesus revealed that one of the men sitting there would betray him. How did the others respond?
4. When Judas left the meal, what did they think he was going to do?
5. In John 13:34, Jesus says, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.” Was this commandment only to the men present, or does it apply to us as well? If to us, how can you apply it in practical ways this week?
6. We will be unable to consider all that happened that evening. For now, turn to John 14:15-27. Jesus promises His followers that He will ask the Father, and He (the Father) will send “another Helper” to be with them forever. Who is this Helper?
7. Verse 26 clearly identifies the Helper as the Holy Spirit. According to verse 26, what will He do? (There are other passages which also teach us about His role. We will limit ourselves to this and one other passage today, but you are encouraged to pursue more study on your own.) More thoughts...
In verse 27, Jesus promises something else. What is it?
8. In John 16:5-15, the author returns to a discussion of the promised Helper. In verse 9, what is His role? In verse 13, what is another of His tasks?
9. In verse 14, what does it say He will do? More thoughts...
It is impossible to live the Christian life on our own which is why Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit.
10. Do you have other questions or thoughts on this study? Are there prayer requests that you would like to share with your study coach?
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