Facing Fear: Up a Tree

Watch the Up a Tree video!

What do you fear, and why?I don’t mean spiders or snakes. I mean those things which are holding you back from realizing your full potential. The childish fears of our youth are usually replaced by new fears, or sometimes they just morph into more socially acceptable versions of those same childish fears.

Take this online study to think a bit more deeply about the themes explored in the brief story of Levi and a guy named Trick up a tree.

1. Do you think any of the fears Trick raised in the video were legitimate, or were they all exaggerated and irrelevant? More thoughts...
I once heard "FEAR" defined as "False Evidence Appearing Real." Do you think this is often an accurate description of fear?
2. What's the most dangerous or risky thing you've ever done? More thoughts...
It could be something that was physically dangerous, or to your career, friends, social life ...
3. Thinking of your answer to question #2, are you glad you did it, or in retrospect does it seem like a mistake? Why?
4. What makes you feel safe? More thoughts...
Do these things really make you safe, or do they mostly give you a false sense of security?
5. Although presented in the video in a humorous way, Agoraphobia (often associated with fear of leaving the home) can be a serious problem. What would you say to a friend who was seriously afraid of leaving their home? More thoughts...
Would you try to convince them that it's not as scary as it seems? Or that the world really is scary, but it's still worth it anyways?
6. Trick doesn't seem concerned about secluding himself from his family and friends. Would you ever consider giving up some of your friendships if it meant becoming more "safe"? More thoughts...
Friends can often let us down, yet personal relationships can just as often be powerful sources of joy.
7. We rarely think about it because it's not exactly pleasant, but death can occur at any time. How do you think most people deal with this inevitability that no one ever talks about? How do you deal with it? More thoughts...
Jerry Seinfeld once quipped that death is inexplicably the number two fear that people have (public speaking being number one). Have you ever seriously considered the fact that someday you will no longer be alive?
8. What fears do you have now that are holding you back from reaching your full potential? More thoughts...
Could it be that you are not approaching your true destiny because certain fears are holding you back?
9. What additional thoughts or questions do you have on this study?
10. Please pray for me in these areas:
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