Managing Time Wisely

Man, woman or child … beggar or king … homemaker or business executive … we are each given only 24 hours a day. The demands of the day may leave us feeling totally overwhelmed. The choices we make concerning our hours today will influence the landscape of our future. Take this study to help you consider the wise use of your day.

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1. What are the things in your life that you place great value on? How do you determine your priorities in life? What are your goals for now and for the future? More thoughts...
How do your priorties match up with your goals in life?
2. If someone was to look at your day timer, showing all of your day’s activities, what would they determine your first priority to be? What would they think your second priority is? Your least important priority? More thoughts...
Make a list of the most important things that you want to accomplish this week. What type of systems can you put in place to help you spend time on your priorities? What are some ways to schedule in time for the things that you value the most?
3. How do you handle interruptions to your schedule? More thoughts...
When making a schedule it is a good idea to leave some areas where you can be flexible and allow for unplanned activities. The purpose of a schedule is to protect yourself from overbooking and overextending yourself. What protective mechanisms can you implement into your scheduling to help you with overbooking?
4. When are the times that you find yourself procrastinating? What types of things do you seem to procrastinate for? More thoughts...
Describe a situation that you have been in that has been negatively affected because of procrastination. How can you protect yourself from procrastination?
5. How do you practically budget time for family and fun? More thoughts...
How much quality time do you spend with your family or close friends? How can you find ways to balance leisure time with work? How can you fit in time for your own personal needs- physical, emotional, and spiritual- into your schedule?
6. When do you find it most difficult to say ‘no’ to a person or activity? More thoughts...
As humans, we have limitations. Everyone is entitled to set boundaries. What are some ways you can implement boundaries into your life? What are some things in your life right now that you should be saying ‘no’ to?
7. How can delegating fit into good time management? More thoughts...
Delegating can help with personal organization and scheduling. What are some tasks in your life right now that you can delegate? What activities during your day would you rate as unproductive?
8. Share some practical time saving tips. More thoughts...
How often do you use these tips? How can you apply these different tips to your life? How can these tips improve your time management skills?
9. I have the following comments about his study.
10. Please pray for me in these areas:
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