Rekindling the Romance

We all know that romance is a necessary ingredient for a happy marriage, but what do you do when that loving feeling has gone away?  It takes work, but it is possible to reignite the spark that made you want to get married in the first place.  In this video you’ll discover practical tips on how to be romantic and stay on the path of romance as you continue to grow in your marriage.  Romance doesn’t have to look like a dozen roses.  Come and see how simple romance can be.
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1. Share your definition of a romantic relationship. How does a masculine view of romance differ from a feminine view? More thoughts...
A romantic relationship is rich, filled with unconditional love and a equal meeting of each other's needs. It is going the extra mile for one another. How would you describe a relationship that goes the extra mile? What things can you do to make your spouse feel important and loved?
2. Relationships change over time. In what ways has your relationship changed since your dating days? More thoughts...
Describe what your dating days were like. Did you write love notes, or make frequent phone calls to each other? How can you begin those same activities again or develop new ones that will bring you closer together? How do you choose to spend your spare time? What activities do you share as a couple? Have you set aside a special day to share with your spouse? How can you develop the habit of having a 'date' night at least once a month?
3. How do you determine the needs of your spouse? How do you plan to help meet them? More thoughts...
It's important that we give extra attention to our spouse and help to meet their needs. How do you show your love in sacrificial ways to your spouse? What are some things you can do or say that will let your spouse know how much you care about them?
4. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being superior effort, where would you rate your level of effort in making your relationship work? Share examples of how you can express thoughtfulness and unconditional love to your spouse. More thoughts...
Intimacy is a learned behavior. This isn’t reduced to a simple formula, rather it is gained by creating an atmosphere of thoughtfullness, acceptance and love.
5. Evaluate in your mind if you consider your husband's or wife's needs above your own. What changes can you make to prioritize your spouse's needs above your own? More thoughts...
Are you on the lookout only for your own interests, or do you look out for the needs of your spouse as well? If you have problems attending to the needs of your spouse, be reminded of Phillipians 4:13- I can do everything through him who gives me strength. God can give you the strength you need to do the things that you think are impossible.
6. How is romance affected by unresolved conflict or an unforgiving heart? How do you deal with negative communication and insults, and return them with a blessing? More thoughts...
Sometimes, apologizing for a conflict between you and your spouse can be romantic in itself. Apologizing and addressing the matter is the start of using romance to reconnect.
7. How is romance affected by stress? By children? Over commitment? By other relationships? What are some ways that you can change your lifestyle to rekindle romance in your life? More thoughts...
What are the main hindering factors in your relationship to romance?
8. Great communication is key to great relationships; how can you add quality communication to your relationship? How can you be more transparent and honest in your communication with your spouse? More thoughts...
How often do you let your spouse know how much you care for them, are committed to them, and look forward to a future with them? How do you rate your communication skills concerning certain household duties and areas of leadership? Do you both fully understand and respect each other's roles and responsibilities? How do you communicate your feelings to your spouse? Ask your spouse to tell you his or her top five needs.
9. What changes can you make to add some of these elements of romance to your relationship? More thoughts...
Brainstorm ten things to increase the romance factor in your marriage. Now look at these, and make a plan to apply at least two of them this week.
10. I have the following questions or comments regarding this study. Also, please pray for me in these areas.
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