Words of Wisdom from the Book of James

Written by Roxanne Rogiers

Throughout our lives we go through a plethora of experiences. Our whirlwind journey consists of tears and triumphs, joy and and sorrow. However, through it all, we do not go on our journey alone. The Word of God is alive and Scripture contains words of wisdom that we can take with us to wherever our individual journeys lead us. This Book of James study contains invaluable life lessons that will guide you through your journey.

This Life Lesson series focuses on a verse-by-verse study of one book of the Bible, at a time. Each Bible study is designed to enable the Bible student to glean the truth from God’s word for themselves. Each study includes observation and application questions, as well as Life Lessons, or principles, that one may apply to their life of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. These lessons should take no more than thirty minutes to complete.

1. Patience Amidst Trials
2. Facing Temptation 
3. Being Doers of the Word 
4. Richness in Faith 
5. Faith Without Works 
6. Bridling the Tongue
7. Understanding Wisdom
8. Humbling Yourself Before the Lord 
9. Boasting About Tomorrow 
10. Wealth
11. Enduring Life’s Trials 
12. Prayers of the Church 

5 Responses to “Words of Wisdom from the Book of James”

  • Sharon says:

    I love the book of James thank you for posting this good article– sharon

  • Elkay says:

    Veronica, thank you for your comment as we are blessed to learn whenever a webpage is helpful to others. It is very important that we incorporate God’s Word into our daily lives and it helps to realize that Scriptures speak to us personally today just as they did when written.

    One of the most widely practiced ancient disciplines of the church is a slow praying of the scriptures which enables the Bible to become a means of union with God. It’s a way of listening to the Word. being nourished by the Ward, praying the Word, and letting the Word pray through you. This practice asks us to stop talking, open our ears, and listen deeply for what God is saying to each of us this day. This prayer process has four steps:
    1. Select a short passage of scripture, read the passage slowly and out loud. Take time to pronounce and hear each word.
    2. As you read the text, listen for a word or phrase that stands out to you, takes hold of you, or touches you.
    3.When you hear that word or phrase prayerfully meditate on it, give it your full attention. Allow that word to touch and change you at your deepest self.
    4. Finally take a moment to simply sit silently in God’s presence and give thanks for the day and your life.

    If you want to try this, I would suggest you select the books of Psalms and John to begin. May God bless you in this endeavor.

  • I am truly in need of this website, my life is not here it should be with God. I feel his presence daily and know the wonderful words of God. Just needing to get closer to him by learning the Bible and also truly living it.

  • I am truly in need of this website, my life is not here it should be with God. I feel his presence daily but I am not where I should be in the word of God.

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