When God is Silent

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“Is God ignoring my deepest needs?” We have all experienced times of silence, times when we feel God has left us all alone. Yet we know that our loving Father cares for us more deeply than our minds can imagine.  Take this study to learn more about “when God is silent”.

1. Describe a time when you felt God was silent in your life.What does it mean to waver in your faith? When have you doubted God? More thoughts...
Look up James 1:6-7 in the Bible. When we pray we must not only believe that God exists, but also believe that He is actively at work and loves us.
2. What are some ways in which God speaks to us? More thoughts...
How often do you read your Bible? Describe a time that God has spoken to you through scripture. How can you make reading your Bible a more regular occurrence?
3. Can we ever ask God the wrong questions when we pray? Is it wrong to ask for things for ourselves? More thoughts...
Are there any types of prayers that would not be pleasing to God?
4. How should we handle times when God is silent or says “no” or “wait”? More thoughts...
How can you learn to trust that God knows what’s best for you? Try making a prayer list, and write down all of your prayers. Every time God answers a prayer, journal it as a praise item. This will help you become more aware of God’s amazing work in your life and will provide great encouragement.
5. What are some possible reasons for God to be silent? More thoughts...
What things can hinder or block communication between you and God? Is there something you need to ask forgiveness for? In Psalm 66:18, it is stated that with sin in one’s heart, God will not hear. What are your motives when you come to God in prayer; are they pure?
6. Can you think of some Scriptural examples of prayers that weren’t answered right away, or with a yes? More thoughts...
Throughout these biblical figures life’s, what was God’s divine purpose? How was good accomplished through their unanswered prayers? Did Jesus ever have an unanswered prayer? What was it?
7. Is there ever a time when we should give up praying a specific request if we sense God is silent? More thoughts...
How can you stay consistent in prayer when you feel like there is no hope left? God’s answer right now may be “no”, but there could come a right time when he says “yes”.
8. Is persistence required in prayer? More thoughts...
When have you given up on a prayer? How can you become persistent in prayer?
9. Are faithful prayers always answered? More thoughts...
What does Hebrews 11:6 tell us about faith? Read James 5:16. What is the Christian’s most powerful resource? Where else is faith mentioned in the bible? (read Hebrews 11) How can something you are praying for possibly not be beneficial to you at this time? God is always looking out for your best interests, and this may require not always answering your prayers with a yes at the current moment.
10. I have the following questions/comments about this study. Also, please pray for me in these areas:
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