The Secret of a Happy Family

Written by Mike Jantzen

Video Thanks to SoulPancake

It’s not easy being a good parent, but the rewards are so worth it! There’s nothing quite like seeing your child beaming ear to ear, becoming the person they’re destined to be.

As Julien says, “Being a good parent isn’t about how much time you spend with them. It’s about the quality of the time, and that is a direct result of your ability to stay present while you’re with them.”

In the middle of juggling so many hats, it’s easy to let the little moments pass us by. But those are our opportunities to really connect with them heart-to-heart, to listen to our kids’ hopes and dreams and to nurture the beautiful people they are.

It’s not about guilt (we’re already too good at laying that on ourselves). It’s about investing in our kids’ happiness by taking those small but significant moments to tune into their world. That creates a bond that will h0ld up when life gets tough. And as we pursue their joy above our own, our own happiness will be multiplied.

Starting today, how could you enter their world more? Maybe invite them to cook dinner with you, ask them questions on the drive to school, tuck them in to bed and ask about their day (even if they think they’re starting to outgrow it). Be present. Pursue their happiness day-to-day, moment-by-moment and watch them flourish.

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One Response to “The Secret of a Happy Family”

  • This is how important quality time is especially sharing it with your kids. Remember that they will not forever be kids so as long as the moment is there and while they’re young, parents must enjoy it. Yes, I agree that being a good parent is not really easy. It’s a big responsibility but as long as you know how to be there with them and make them feel that you will always be present with their life no matter what, they will soon become the best person they can be. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story and video of yours. It bring good vibes to read and watch something like this especially it talked about the special people in our lives which is our family.

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